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Hi and welcome to our "Writing songs!" page. On this page we'll try to give you a better view on the art of songwriting..and some advice when starting a songwriting career.. You're here because you are writing songs.. Hear music while your driving? You love playing music, and you wish to set your career on the next level. You going to start writing your own songs.

So, if all these things making sense for you, then you've come to the right place, or better said , to the right page...

Next question you have to ask yourself....

How to become a songwriter?

OK, you are writing songs, melody and text, and so  you are a pure songwriter...Then this is how I see it...

 In the music business, education, learning is the key to success career. But also, you need the right skill..

When you write your first of song, and a couple more.. After that... Then what?

You can learn to play an instrument, but writing a cathchy song , that's an other more difficult story...

If you have the skill, then you need to develope this by writing more songs.. The more songs you write, the better you will get...

Also, by improving your skills your chances for success are growing .  This is the purpose of this web site, not only you'll get valuable information on song writing, and the music business, but also you'll find a whole bunch of resources that can serve you right...

Learn songwriting and read here more on: "How to become a Songwriter?". 

  Or how to make it as a singer-songwriter.

Obviously, you need to have a voice.. But in fact, every one has a voice! True!

Singing lessons
could be the solution for your problem. As always..Learning new skills never will harm you....

Writing songs : The basics!

In fact, there are no rules when writing songs, there are only instructions that you can follow to write better songs..

"How to write a song ?"... It might help you to learn songwriting and find out about the basics of songwriting....

Writing songs is also about writing good strong song lyrics. Although, many books have  been written about the subject, you must follow your heart... I can only give my vision of about how I see things in" About writing song lyrics..."

Mostly a song consist music and words.. But sometimes you can be a songwriter just by writing music..with no words or lyrics included....

Writing music melodies for commercials, films, tunes for cellphone, video games...background music for websites,..and so we could on..Maybe you can think about some other uses for your music compositions, or songs..

To read more on this subject.

More about the music composer..

Royalties! Your songwriting income....

So, how to monetize your work as a songwriter..?

There's a simple way to get an income from your hard long hours of work.

You will  receive "Music royalties" for all the songs and music that you'll publish. These are the earnings from the pure songwriter, and also from the lyric writer, the music composer. In short, people who do not do any performing..The people who are the owners of this work, they get paid too..

Not to mention , the many performing songwriters, musicians, who also get his slice, or share of the cake..But for the pure creating,non-performing artists it are the only stream of income they receive. There's one downside. You need to register your music and so safe your earnings before you earn your royalties of your music.

About Christian songwriting

For instants..If you're a Christian, then is about writing what's close to your Heart.. This is probably the best description about what is Christian songwriting.., all about..

Sharing Tips to improve your songwriting..

On our site you could find plenty of tips on every aspect of music business and songwriting..

OK, some tips can be useful and we have seen tips on other pages too( but it's always good to repeat these to remember them on the right time).

There's been written a lot about writing songs, and there are a lot of song writing tips going on the networking sites. But it's not all about sharing the right tips , but also about having the right skills, the right talents..

Tip 1: Knowledge is the key to success, so you can never learn too much or have to much info, but it must be the right info for you.

So, I suggest that you will gather all the tips that you'll receive,and read them carefully. Then make a list of importance, and delete what you think that hasn't any value for your career.

Tip 2: Keep all these tips in the back of your head , until the time's arrive that you really can use them.

To find more songwriting tips.....

Songwriting contests

To have your own  review on the financial potential of your song (s) or just to see how good you are in writing songs, then entering to a songwriting contest could give you a clue on were you stand with your songwriting ability...

Many songwriting contest are having established songwriters, and also music industry people who can give you that little push into the right direction.. This could boost your career, and the beginning of a successful career in writing songs and music..

If you doesn't feel the need to enter a songwriting contes but still wish to know how strong or good your songs actually are... Then probably a professional assessment can be the solution..

For a song review or song assessment!

Does your song gonna be a smashing hit song or just an "ordinary not worth putting any money in" song?

An other useful service  for your songwriting career is to contact a review service.  Song assessment, song review, song evaluation services done by the right people can give you an idea what your music is worth in money. There are many to find on the internet. Some for free and others are not.

To do or not to do?. That's the question. Is it worth spend the money on these services?  An assessment of your songs before starting  a demo CD recording or to make a full CD with your songs to sell on the net.

Just How to get a song review?    Well, here you'll find some resources to song review services.  Like I said preious, some of these services are for free, while others you have to pay for.  Read it and check it out..Perfect!

Now let's move to an other important part of the songwriting business. What about your tax payments? Do you need to pay right away..

Tax and songwriting

Not always a funny or the most interresting subject to talk about. But it exist and so lets see how they could be of your influence..  Being a songwriter is doing business like any other business, and money..

When we talk money, then there are the taxes.. The more money you make the more tax you'll pay, and this goes other way around too.

So you better be prepared. Here yo can read more about taxes and songwriting. One thing clear. Music business is a special business and this goes for the amount of tax you need to pay as a songwriter.

Taxes and the songwriter! is also depending of the country you live in .So.

Dear music friend,

Thanks for visiting our "song writing" page. Don't forget to visit the other pages of our website too to follow the up-dates.

Paul F

The Webmaster

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