Writing song lyrics!

Writing song lyrics... If you got stuck on the road of your songwriting, asking yourself what to do next, then you've come to the right page....

Let's start with telling you  that music business companies.. Record labels, music publishers...That they  don't accept lyrics only.

They are looking for complete songs, tunes and lyrics combined in a song. That's the main purpose of this page, to find a solution for you, and your lyrics (of course).

Writing song lyrics! What options do you have?

The only thing that you can do is to find some-one to collaborate with. Of course , this is easier said than done. Because it's about songs and music industry. The next step, money and business.

So, before take any step in any direction. Think it all over before deciding anything or before taking any step.

It  should be that easy!

You're a tune-writer and I am  song lyrics writer. Then, let's team-up, shall we!

Theoretically yes,but practically,no.

Of course,on the Internet, you can find enough services who are connecting lyric-writers and tune-writers. An organization as 'ISA' International songwriter association(one of the best, is providing a very good service, if you ask me.

Also, they are dealing with songwriters and lyric-writers for almost 40 years. This is their deal: They have a register of composers, made up of subscribers who are willing to write melodies to suitable lyrics on a 50-50 basis. Although, there is one condition. The lyric writer agrees to make a demo of the subsequent song at his own expense, and promote same.

Anyway, you have to be a member of the ISA (International Songwriter Association) to register yourself ( and if you pay a yearly fee) you can join this service company. I find this a very good strategy, and solution to find some one for teaming up melody writer or other way round.

Does a lyric writer has to pay for a demo recording?

When teaming-up with some-one you met on the Internet, you never know with who you are dealing.One of both parts can be the owner of a demo service. Then it's no more collaboration, but simply a business for this person.

If the song don't make money, he don't care, because he has won anyway. He has already cash-in the money of the demo. An honest trade? I don't think so.

When we talk about writing song lyrics and the Internet. Keep in mind this: Never accept that some one ask you money in return for writing a tune for your song lyrics. Then run and don't look back.

Unfortunately, these kind of shark-practices do happen more than one should expect. When some-one ask you $10 for a song. Why should he/ do this, when copyrights and royalties of a song alone can be millions?

When a guy is asking $10 for a tune, the tune is worth $10 or sometimes $10.000 or more!

A lyric writer and tune writer can team-up with a 50-50 split of cost and a 50-50 split of royalties basis, of course. Make sure that you make good agreements on paper, signed by both parties. When a demo fails, no one is to blame, because both parties had an correctly agreement.

When some-one is willing top give some advice to songwriter who are seeking to collaborate. Feel free to submit your advice. Songwriters will be grateful. Other tips are on lyric-writing are welcome too,of course.

To end with.

Writing song lyrics is writing about what is close to your heart. Another good theme is, love. About 98% of all written song lyrics is about love and "Love" is an never ending story. It's the beginning and it's the end of all things..

How to find your song theme?

Reading interesting books, and watching good films is the best way to get some great ideas for a song title, or thema..... There you'll find enough stuff to write about.

Write what your heart gives-in, that's something never fails. Write and write again, until you find the perfect words.. Poetry..and writing song lyrics goes hand in hand..

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