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Welcome everybody to the 'watch Christian music videos' corner, and thanks for dropping in. Here are Christian and Gospel bands and artists, ... a featured, and can be watched while they are performing on stage.

The artists that are featured are : Rachael Lampa ++ Michael James ++ Arborted Angels( Pro Life video)++ Israel Houghton The purpose of this corner is to promote Christian bands and music artists, and to give them a bit of free publicity .

In the second place it is for you the visitor who really loves Christian music, or who's interested in Christian and Gospel.

To every visitors, and to everyone who just loves Christian music,I advice to sit back , relax, click and to watch the Christian music videos and listen with your heart...

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Rachael Lampa

Rachael Lampa with Christian song "I'm Blessed"

Michael James

Michael James with worship song "Your Love"

Pro Life Video 

Abborted Angels Music, Flipside Feat Piper "Happy Birthday"

A Pro-Life video


Israel Houghton

Gospel singer Israel Houghton singing with "I Know Who I Am"

Christian Music Part 1

Music videos 

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