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Here's a selection with unsigned musc competitions held in Nashville,Tenn.

The most exciting thing to do as a band  or performing artist is the performing.

That's why you have been practicing for hours and hours. Day after day... Then, finally the day that you go on stage. Stage fright! For some it has the impact of a bullet,performing on stage it's not a happy scene.. Anyway, you have been practicing as would your life depending on it, no it's time to pick the fruit of your rehearsal time..

The competition for unsigned bands oand performing songwriters provides a great opportunity to perform live in front of A&R Execs,top producers, promotors.... For some big festivals you have to do audition and for other competitions (the smaller ones) maybe not..

Nashville is for every music artist, and performing or non performing, the place to be..and,not only for country music artists, but you can come to Nashville to record your songs, or to perform on stage in every style..

Nashville is the center of music. Many recording studios, record labels,.. ..and it's the city of many great and famous music artist..

For those reside outside Nashville, or even the USA. Take a vacation and do a tour with your band, starting in Nashville,Tenn.. Why not?

The unsigned and unknown band who is performing today  Could be the Signed starr of tomorrow..

Go on stage, and Knock their socks of guy's...

If you think that you want to start performing on stage..But perhaps you need some lessons to train your voice.. Here some singing lessons..

Here's the list

Come see the future stars of ... Orion Independent Music Festival


Nashville Music Awards About Next Big Nashville: A nationally recognized music festival and conference ...


NSAI's 18th Annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival 18th Annual Tin Pan South, www.tinpansouth.com/

There are more festivals coming-up, but the year is still young.. So, be patient...

Thanks for your visit..

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