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Here you'll find a selection from festivals for the unsigned band or performer songwriter residing in Canada.

The most exciting thing to do as a band is the performing.

To do what you have been practicing for hours and hours. Then, finally the day that you go on stage. Stage fright!For some it has the impact of a bullet,performing on stage it's not a happy scene.. Anyway, you have been practicing as would your life depending on it, no it's time to pick the fruit of your rehearsal time..

The competition for unsigned bands provides a great opportunity to perform live in front of A&R Execs, producers, promoters.... For the big festivals you sometimes need to do an audition and for other competitions ,the smaller ones, this isn't the case ..

Summer time is festival time.. After the summer, the festival season are quiet..If the season is past, then prepare for the next season, rehearsal, and maybe do some performing in school, or on local smaller stages, if possible.

Go on stage, beat the rest and Knock the A&R's socks of guy's. 


Here's the list

Here's the list

Folk canada

Festival organizers today announced unprecedented attendance numbers for the 19th edition of the Ottawa Folk Festival...

Canada indie week with 175 artist performing on stage Canada Indie week

Virgin Festival Canada 2009 by Virgin Mobile. June 19 & 20 at Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal Quebec. New Kids On The Black, Black Eyed Peas, Simple Plan, Akon, ...

Virgin Festival

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival ..

with us on our website, by emailing the festival signed or unsigned. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival ..

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