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Hi and welcome to "UK record Labels" page Here you'll find a selection with labels based in the UK, for songwriters, and bands wishing to target the U.K. based record labels.

Make sure you'll send the right type of songs to the right labels. So, you have to find out first what kind of music they are into. Some are demanding music of all genres ..others are more specific into the style of music they are looking for.

All the info that you need, you'll find it on the the "contact us " page or look for the "demo policy", or you need to visit the FAQ page.

Keep in mind that in most cases US record labels don't accept unsolicited.

Find out if they accept submissions through regular mail, or electronic submissions. Also if they accept unsolicited or not. If they do ask for permission first, that's probably the best solution..

What do you need to include in your Band press kit.?

Here's the list...

5am Records Limited is a UK based independent label, specializing in R&B and gospel music.

Aim2Break Records is a UK based

UK based record label Hip-Hop music label ..

ARC Music

World & Folk Music Record Label, with over 600 titles from over 60 countries world-wide, your complete source for world music.

Back Lane Records

label, specialising in Folk, Acoustic, and Singer-songwriter genres ...  Is an UK-based independent record label ...

Boltfish Recordings.

Is an Independent Electronic Music Label. Boldfish recordings.

Clubhouse Records UK

Americana/Alt-Country/Folk/Roots record ...

Clubhouse Records is a UK independent specialising in Americana, Alt-Country, ...

I lovePop Noodle

Pop Noodle Radar is a new music "PR..." company based in London, UK.

Lab Records

London based Independent label specialized in pop and synth/ Indie pop music..

Zang Productions are a Birmingham based independent UK record label. . Style of music: grass roots. website: Zang Productions

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