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A few month ago I was busy with setting-up together a list of record labels selected by style of music. I was astonished to notice that some of those so called (Indie) record labels where "out of business", or just set up a free web site some where ( like a Face book, Myspace site..), or ..and many other sites were inconvenient malfunctioning (inconvenient for the visitor and their business).

In short: That the site was looking so amateurish.Then I knew that everybody could start a record label, with the only difference, that you could do it like a professional should do it.

The normal things..

Well, what I thought that was normal was that the sort of "look and feel" of the site you could see what genre the record label was into.. For instants, a country label was looking different from as a Rock label, Hip Hop or a Dance record label. After some time, by seeing the "Look and feel" of the website, , I could almost tell in advance,what kind of music they where into .

That was quit normal after spending a lot of time searching and visiting for record labels....

The point is this. Those web sites of Indie record labels, have been started and are run by people just like you and me. They had a band or were performers, but they all had the same dream and they all wanted to accomplish that dream: "Creating a record label of their own!".

Finally, With the arrival of the Internet, they all can make make that dream come true.Thought, not everybody who has starting a record label has survived the competition, or survived in the music business. Many has failed too.But as they say "the cream arise always at the top",and on the end the best prepared will win.

Fact is, that when starting a record label you don't need no special qualifications.

Tips and advice

Before you jump into the music business with a new indie record label.. You need to build on a solid base first.

What you certainly need is a business plan.

If you are on your own...

If possible, try to collaborated ( as usual) with other music passionated people.

People who just like you ,want to achieve their dream . You can Try to find out the things that bind you, and if any collaboration is possible , then you can give it a try.

Teaming up

Teaming-up with another party,and becoming the A and R of the new label, always need to a water proof signed contract, this signed by all parties. Just to avoid problems as time goes by. These business partners could be friends,relatives...or complete strangers. Okay, it's not that simple. If you want to team up, You need to Learn to know each other, ( by telephone, email, sending letters).

But one thing above all, it must be someone trustworthy, some one who would do his part of the job that has to be done. If you are in a band and all the band members are friends, or relatives, that would be perfect.. But even then , your business could fail... After all, breaking into the music industry and  win the game is not easy..So, a professional look is one step a head of your competition..

Just a dream ?

On the otherhand, I believe that people who really wish starting a record label , can do so. I really believe that people who sharing the same dream, can work together, better than one person trying on his own. Does this make sens, Or not ?

How can you find these people..?.

Who also want starting a record label of their own?

Well, there are the forums for bands. Or you could lay your ear in one of the social networking sites ( facebook,Twitter....) to ask advice.

When starting a record label, networking sites are great, but not only they can provide you with people who wish to do the same thing, but they are also an excellent place to promote your new label ( after starting one).

Some services are offering examples of music Industry contracts that you need and can use  to run an Indie record label.

Also, there are books and services who are selling their experience about starting a record label, and all the information that can also be useful..

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