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Why do you need a professional music studio? Nothing less nothing more than to record , produce and develop your songs and music into quality master tracks,

The biggest advantage is that you can follow the whole recording process of mix-mastering from start to finish. But only if you want to do so.

There you can give suggestions when you think it's necessary, but don't try to annoy the people who are trying to do their job. For songwriters with a good voice , it's also a solution to produce demo. You safe the cost of hiring a vocalist.

If you're not that good in singing, you can to hire a singer. Ofcourse, again for extra cost.

First of all, try to decide how many tracks you wish to record..The more songs, the more your demo will cost..

Five tracks is an absolutely maximum for a promotion demo

Then find a studio that fit's your needs and your budget..

It's possible that you have to wait a few weeks.. Make this time in your advantage , and in the meanwhile,  rehearsal your songs..

Call the studio to see if there's a waiting time..

Secondly, practice these songs a lot, so you'll sing them without any hesitation. This too can safe  money and time. It's very normal that you have to restart or redo you recording a few times.. but the more time you have to spend in a pro sound recording studio, the more your demo will cost you..

So, good advice.. Practice your songs be fore you jump into the studio, and decide whenever you ready to record your songs..

Also, this will allow you to sing with more feeling. Can be very important for the end result and quality of your recordings.

In a sound recording studio your songs will be mixed and mastered professionally..( of course depending how mutch money you want to put in.)

A Sound recording studio song mastering

After the recording is done, and before you hurry to put your songs on a CD, there's only one thing left to do. This is called," the mastering" and will be done by a mastering engineer

The mastering will give your songs that professional sound ( broadcasting) and make sure your entire CD has a consisting sound level and quality. A mastered song will sound much clearer and louder than an un mastered.

So, the mastering is a difficult and important work, that not can be done by people who are just beginners, and often overlook by some. This is indeed a secure job, and will better be done by a professional who knows what he's(or she) is doing.

Some people(artist) ruining weeks of hard work by trying to do the mastering on their own.. This could be good, or a horror story.( OK, thinking this can safe them the money)..

For instants, you have worked a long time mixing and mastering, and then suddenly you have a crash of your computer, and you need professional help from a pc guy to get your songs back..and again a of waste time..

I experience this too... Never thought that a disaster could happen to me..The problem was that I had melodies and lyrics with the same file name, because they belonged to each other, the songs and melodies....  The computer guy didn't know that , and I got my computer back with only the melodies, ad all the lyrics where erased..I didn't had any back-up, so I had to redo all the lyrics.. What a Waste of time..

If you want to do some experimenting with mastering the demo your self. Make a copy of your recorded songs first. It can safe you a lot of time and worries!

The jobs a recording engeneer ..


Equalizing the songs..

Do the right Compression

Correcting any phase problems..

Sequence track order..

Remove the noice between tracks.

Very important is to adjust the volume of each track using automation moving faders.. Nothing is more anoying than different levels in voume..


The mastering is the final step in the recording process. After this process,your songs can be broacast on the radio, and be spread worled wide on the web ( although I think that  this is a bad idea, so not to do) and every place that you wish..

How much will  a good recording cost you?

The cost of hiring a sound recording studio is is greatly depending of the facility that you wish to use. There are expensive studios and there are cheaper and studios between those. Also, there could be the cost of your trip to an other state, or country..In case you decide to record your songs

overseas.. I'm one of the people who's dreaming of recording my songs in Nashville Tennessee..Of course, second choice would be New York or London..Or perhaps, next door studio. Who knows..It's just a dream like any other dream..

Of course, cheap and expensive are relative.

If you are just a starting songwriter then I suppose you start with "the" most expensive sound recording studio on the planet. You can always try out "abbey road" ( London sound recording studio) later".

I try to give you an idea of the prices were you have to think about just starting from..

*The sound studio will cost you about $30 per hour. *The musicians ,drums, guitars...are working per session and a session is about 3 hours. Cost of a session starting from $200 for one instrument.

*Mix and mastering one day per song : $240.

So lets do some calculating. If you want a E-guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, synthesizer and you take the vocals for your account.

We'll do the calculating for one demo, that's three songs. Now, a good professional musician can do three songs in one session. You're lucky, it fits perfect.

To make it easy, we take the same instruments for all three songs. If you wish to cut in the budget, take for the other songs one or two instruments lesser. But we want to have a fantastic demo, do we , and stick with all the instruments.

Five instruments who do all the three songs in one session.

5 times $200 = $1000 3 songs mixing and mastering = $730 And when you do the singing yourself (hopefully you did enough rehearsal and have memorized your songs, this saves time). That's another $200 (same time as the professional musician).

All together, when you use a the sound recording studio to make a demo recording, you may count you about $2000.

OK, this is not cheap..

And I really want to emphasize that this is a low price for a (good) recording studio. If you think about the stars who are spending tens of thousands of dollars for one song only.

They can effort it, of course, while you're just starting.

But what the heck. The competition has only begun now you've recorded your best songs.

I believe this is a reasonable price. Your songs have a fantastic broadcasting sound.

You may be grateful to the musicians and the music producer. Thanks to them (and your money) you can now be proud on your songs and send them to any publisher, record company or even a radio station.

There are literally thousands of these sound studios all over the world (maybe even more than 10.000's ). I'm sure there's one sound recording studio into your neighbourhood too.

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