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A good quality music sound-card can take your songwriting a on right track to success in.. These tools are simple,and every computer has an inbuilt card.  True , they are not always cheap.. With other words.. Quality cost money..But compare with the big recording studios, you have the technical know how to deliver quality as good as the best..

There isn't a whole lot to music cards as far as key aspects. There are a few things in the mix, though, that do make a difference. For the sake of comparison, so that you can find the  card that works for you and fits your budget..

Things you need to watch out for before

...purchasing a sound card.

  • There are a few things that you have to look for, so you an idea about the quality of the performance ..Some need a sound card for gaming, but I presume that you will be more interested in internal ( or external)computer sound card that has special music production features..

  • They are fantastic helpful for mixing,or putting a synth on your music..or even mastering your songs..
    Although, there you probably need some songwriting software..When looking for quality a sound card , here are some things that you need to look for..

  • First there's the frequency response.., the total harmonic distortion and the SNR or the signal-no-noise ratio. These three things gives you an good idea of the quality of the audio..

  • The sample ratesSample rates is about the speed that the card can reduce a continuous signal to decrease this signal..Some quality cards goes to 192 khz..For some it's a bit overkill ( human ear range from 20Hz to 20kHz, but professionals are recommending this, so it shall have a reason..

     Good quality has a prize, and it's all about your budget.
    The cost price of a quality Sound cards will range from $150 to $1000..Some quality brands are Yamaha RP-U100 CAVIT External Audio Soundboard,
    Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Elite Pro ..

Here's a selection with "Best sound cards"

Do you know that...

Most studios are in fact using these tools also.. Although, putting a good quality sound-card  in your computer  gives a real experience with gaming ( 5-1 surround, or 7-1 surround) So songwriting and music composing comes  second.
Although, audio cards that are specialized in music creation..some are quit priced, and are also very technical..But for that prize you will have a professional home studio in your own bedroom.

As I mentioned that most audio cards main purpose is to create a real Dolby surround sound.
Companies as sound-blaster are targeting the young generation,teenagers;. They love to game , and want to write songs , or compose great music..on a simple way.

It's a way to create  a brilliant home recording of your own written doubt..

What are the best..One of the most used  is 'Sound-blaster', but there are cheaper, and more expensive brands in sound-cards..

Visit here to find a selection of what I think are the best on the market.. Of course, all depending how much money that you wish to spend, and invest in your  songwriting career..
A quality recording however will cost matter wish way you want to take..

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