Soul Record Labels

 Hi and Welcome to the "Soul record labels" page.  Here you'll find a listing of  established and/or new  record with "Soul music" in their roots. Soul music is a type of music which grew out of rhythm and blues and gospel .

  The labels that are accepting demo submissions , are indicate with   "submission info available".
There are not to many record labels doing pure soul..They are mostly combining different types like, Soul, Jazz, and Blues.. So,...but...

Maybe you're not looking for a record deal, and You are  more interested in Good Soul  music!

Well, than then you come to  the right place too. These labels have many new Cd's and new artists that they promote and where  you can listen to their music samples. A refreshment for people who wants to discover and hear new music and artists.

be aware of the sharks!

Here are  the soul record labels

Apersonal Music - Record Label. soul house electronic music
Spain, Barcelona

 Brunswick Records

Daptone Records

El Rego is a true legend of African Soul Music. .... He released two solo LPs for the Tabansi Label with the Martin Brothers Band from Portharcort, Nigeria, one of ...

Gotsoul record was created as an outlet for our take on soul music and to support

Goofin Records

The riveting story of that incredible decade is told in full for the first time on Bear Family's 'Sweet Soul Music' series. Some record companies have compile

Music Spirit Records -

Home. Music Spirit is an independent boutique-style record label focused on R&B, Soul, and Latin music. Our purpose is to help you

 Music With Soul Records
The Label. We are a young, independent and stubborn record label based in Amsterdam. ... Music With Soul proudly presents Fumaça Preta's follow up 7 inch

Jazzman Records - We Dig Deeper

Jazzman Records sells records but also includes a massive data base of rare records for your viewing and listening pleasure. Here you will find many very hard ...

Gummy Soul is a Nashville based record label and production company

Gypsy Soul Records. Toronto based record label, Artist Management, Commercial and Campus Radio Promotion, Publicity and Rock n Roll.

Outta Sight Soul Essentials - Northern And Rare Soul Specialists ...

Outta Sight was originally conceived and launched in January 2007 as a Castle Music imprint, part of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. and is now independently ...

Secret Stash Records

Over the years, House of Beauty records transformed from a traditional gospel label to one that embraced a wider range of musical influences. Back in 2008, we ...

Universal Sound - Soul Jazz Records

Soul Jazz Records is a London based record label. ... Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sounds are issuing this seminal 1981 reggae album from Caroll Thompson.


Founded by Soul DJ ANDY DAVIES in early 2007, STREETSOUL RECORDS is one of the UK's newest Soul record labels.

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