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Hi and welcome to our "Songwriting tips" page. Although, you can always discuss if a tip is useful or not, but sooner or later every information or tip can be useful .

Especially on moments that you expect the less. This page, will be updated regularly.

Rule number one: There are none! But there are some song basics that you can use...Here explained:

About "How to write a song?"....

We'll start...

With the first song writing tips"....

• Tip number one: Never give up on your dreams or You will get nightmares later on.

• tip 2: make sure that your songs are not too long. An average of three minutes is OK.

• Song writing tip 3 with a max. of three verses. Two would even be better. Most hit songs are shorter than 3,30 minutes. Check it out.

• Tip 4: Make that the strongest words or phrase are in the title, and make that they are repeatable into the song. People will easier remember the song, because of the repetition of these words and, important, buy your song or CD.

• Tip 5: Try to write regularly. The many songs you write , the more chances you have to write a hit song. I should say, two songs a week is enough. But I keep saying it. The many you songs write , the better.

About saving your tunes!

• Tip 8 : If you forgot your recorder, and believe it or not, a tune appear. You still can save the tune with a cell phone.

• Tip 6: Keep a note book in your pocket. If you hear or read a word or phrase, that you think is strong, than write it down in your little note book. Use it when you need a title or whatever.

Bottom line. Keep it by the hand whenever you start writing a song.

• Tip 7: Keep an Mp3 player( 256MB is enough)with dicta phone mode into your pockets. If a tune appears in your head on an unexpected moment(as usual),or while you are playing your instrument... make that you don't loose that tune by instantly recording( whistle or hum the tune) your tune on a little piece of equipment. Your Mp3 recorder. Note: A cell phone will do also..

More song writing tips....

Lyrics and tunes..

Here some songwriting tips about lyric writing and tune composing.

• Songwriting tip 9: Collaborate with other writers. If you been writing both lyrics and tunes, and this for some time without success. Maybe your chance lays into collaborating with other songwriters (lyric or tune writers). Two heads now more than one. Think this,you can't loose, you only can win. Maybe your luck can turning by collaborating with others! Try it and who knows!

• Tip 10: Never pay for lyrics or tunes. There are some people who are making good money with it and some demo services doing the same thing. I recommend of not doing it. If someone ask you money to make tunes or write lyrics. Never do this. Let them. There are other roads that you can follow to get your tunes or lyrics for free. ( and I have mentioned one already )Collaborate with other songwriters on an equal base is a lot better option.

• Tip 11: Be careful with compilation offers. Some companies are charging $ 250- 300 to be included in their compilation CD. Check the company out before you sign anything. Some keep all the money of the CD sale. Do you think that's a fair deal? Think twice before you step into such a deal.

About promotion..

• Tip 12: Check any offer made with a (Music)lawyer before signing any contract.

• Tip 13: Put not more than 3 or a max of 4 songs on your promo CD. ( 4 songs in case you write multiple styles and want to show this.)

• Tip 14: Do some promotion and set up your own web site. If you want to be in the race, have a web site. You sure do need one.( one of the best promotion roads)

• Tip 15: If you have a song with a week tune-lyric. Work on the song. Re-build it and make it sound better, stronger.

• Tip 16: Get an evaluation,assessment or review of your(best)songs. Try to get some advice of the songs . Make any suggested changes. Evaluate again.

• Tip 17: One of the best countries for songwriters is Ireland. There creative people don't have to pay taxes..But I keep you up to date on this because of the financial crises that has hit Ireland very hard, chances are that the tax-free living for songwriters could end..As I said, I'll keep you updated on

If you have a writers bloc...

More songwriting tips,

In times that you got stuck in your songwriting...Or in other words: When you have a writers bloc, no inspiration what so ever... This is quit important..

• Grab your instrument : Even if you're not in the mood , take the guitar, play some chords, or rehearsal some new chords, and record all the stuff that appears. Listen to it afterwards.

• Watching a film, movie , video or just even a peace of a film and then try to create the right song or music for that peace of film in particularly. Just what you think that fits best with the film or movie you have been watching.

• Watch a film on TV but this time with out any sound .

• Read a book can also be a good resource for a story line or an idea for a song.

But remember this...

• Song writing Tip 18: Write as many songs as you can. The more songs you write the more your chances will increase to be a successful songwriter. To write many songs you need a lot of inspiration. Now..a fact is that 99 % of all the songs are love songs. Directly or in directly.

And..., songwriting tip 19: THE "love" Theme is an never ending source of inspiration. Remember this , next time you have a lac of inspiration. You can also make a list of ( beside love) things you wish to write about. ( as there are: peace, gospel, pets and 10000 other things...)

• Songwriting Tip 20: copyright your songs before before you start to promote them. Never sent your submissions to the record labels or music publishers without

the music copy rights of your material...

Every now and than I'll add some more tips on this page, the "song writing tips" page .

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