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Here is World of

Songwriting tutorials and lessons for the beginner songwriter. Covering all aspects of songwriting.

Building the definitive guide to Ohio music resource.. . From finding the right recording studios and guitar shops to discovering the best venues to play out. Local musicians stop here first!

A professional songwriter shares his experiences from songwriting. Amazing articles and techniques to help you become a more successful songwriter. It also shows you how you can earn money from your songwriting:

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Harry Edgar is a songwriter living on the West Coast of Scotland. He played in local bands through the 70s, 80s and 90s, first lead guitar, then bass guitar and sang backing vocals.

He gigged all around Scotland and the north of England. To read more about this Scottish singer-songwriter:Songwriter Harry Edgar

Songwriters associations

Songwriters associations can be very useful and important for starting songwriters. There you get tons of support..One Minus point, tough: Most of the associations are not for free. So, you must count for a yearly fee to pay...More about United states associations..

Other "songwriters associations" from Canada,UK,Australia..

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