Songwriting contests!

Songwriting contests are excellent as exposer-and promotion , that can boost your songwriting career sky high. Your songs will be heard by professionals and even if you don't win , people have seen your name and heard your music.

A contest is almost the same imput as sending your promotion package to a publisher or a a&r exc people.

Although, there's a difference, with a contest you will get noticed, positive or negative. You will get a chance, just like everybody else.If you sent a package, you never sure to get anything back

Most songwriting contests are for amateurs. Songwriters who haven't been signed yet. This is your chance to get the recognition that you deserved .

The songwriting landscape has changed a bit with the up-comming new big thing:namely the Youtube ,Yahoo...videos.

Of course,be careful with some contests, or better said , with the organizers of. Some will offer you a demo recording and send you a songwriter contract and ctr or with a price-list of their demo recording service. Contest stops and commerce starts.

Think twice and decide yourself.

Here's the list...

Normally these contest are accessible for every songwriter, whatever country he's or she comes from, you can and shall get an entry (when you pay the access fee of course). But, to make things clear and avoid disappointments, better read the rules of entry first. You never can be too sure, do you.

Unsigned only is a world wide music competition created for bands, solo artists, singer songwriters...and others who are not signed to any label... magazine :Last month's contest: About your Favorite performance tool. Last month's contest asked you to tell us about your favorite Linux performance tuning or monitoring tool....  Submissions starting in April.. Song of the Year is an international contest encouraging the art and discipline of songwriting. Our primary focus is to find great songwriters while helping them network with professionals in the music industry

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest!
Is an international songwriting contest that began in 1997. The judges are , D12, Al Jarreau,Bob Weir, Robin Gibb ...and many others.

Great American Song Contest! Highly recommended songwriting contest for songwriters, lyricists and music ... reminder for the next Great American Song Contest (2010)

USA Songwriting Competition : An international songwriting competition, promoting the art and exellence of songwriting

 Annual Christian Songwriting Contest as well as other from the quarterly 1st place winners in the 11th Annual Songwriting Contest.

 Top 10 Results of the Australian Songwriting Contest , will be announced at the National Songwriting Awards on Wed 4 December! The venue for this ...

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