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Hi and welcome. Here you'll find a selection with songwriters associations from the U.K.,Ireland, Canada,Australia..

These companies are created and there main purpose is  for helping songwriters and bands. There's an old saying that goes : "United we stand stronger, or  together we might get noticed...Well, this is the main thought behind these organisations.. 

They are existing already a long time, but with the growing Internet, and social networking sites, many more associations have come forwarth. All with one thing in the back of the head: Helping other songwriters, and music artists world wide.. 

If you're interested in songwriting and want to know. Then read it here : "How to become a songwriter?".

So, let's start with the list of associations from the UK, Australia, Canada..

 Other Songwriting associations.. 

ISA has been representing songwriters and those involved in the business of songwriting, since 1967.

Canadian Association of songwriters Features a member directory, events guide and membership information.

The "World Wide Song Writing Association" is a  community focused on the creative aspects of songwriting for singers songwriters ...

Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association ((SCALA) is a non profit organisation based in South Australia. Established in 1987 it encourages beginner songwriters

U.S. songwriters associations...

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