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Hello and welcome to our "song review" page. Here we'll explain about what's in fact an assessment or evaluation of your songs.

Song evaluations can be done by everyone that you can think of. Friends,family... They all can give their opinion about a particular song that you wrote.

But are friends and family honest enough to evaluate your songs? Will they tell you when they don't like your songs, and how will you react.

No,it's not easy o find an honestly opinion about your music. Friends and family will give you an idea,but will be not always true about it. They don't wanna hurt your feelings.

So, Friends and family are not such an good idea to get a fair review.

Put your songs on video? Would that be a better solution?

Probably you will get a better view of the quality of your songs. But again. You-tube members can also be cruel. Not all, but some can give some very nasty comments on your songs..Why they conduct that way? Because it's an anonymous medium. You can do and say whatever without fearing any sanctions, or...It could become bullying..

Like I say, that's not always the case, but these things can happen, and they do happen too.

Other social networking sites?

You have to become friends, and you need as many friends as possible to stand out.. But like I said before, friends don't always will tell you the truth about your music. Again,they don't wanna hurt your feelings, when they think to stay friends with you..

On the other hand! If friend from friends lisen to your music and they'll like it.. What would be the problem..This could be the beginning of something big.. Who will tell.

Is it worth while to let your songs get reviewed before you add them to your promotion demo?

Honestly, I should say yes.

But only if you get a fair opinion from a professional person who knows the business , and for a fair price, I should say. Let's do it. Why not. After all,recording your demo is a costly matter in comparison with the fee of a paid or even free song review.

I surely find it very useful to know if a song is worth to be included on a promotion demo or not. Songwriter associations or songwriter guilds for instants, are mostly providing some sort of assessment service. You can find these Guilds and associations on the Internet.

One thing though,mostly you have to subscribe first before you can make a profit of a song review.

Remember,even if you are a member, some still asking for a fee. True, some are giving you a review for free, for what it's worth and some will give a song assessment, but for non-members , you need to pay .

Let all this info settle down a little bit and then see if a song evaluation is helpful for you...Like I said, I do think so..

To give you thinking about using the services, here are some song review services that could be at helpful to you..

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