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Hi and welcome to "song review services" page. Here you'll find a selection with web sites that provide assessment of your songs.   Let your own original song be reviewed by a professional, or by people who have not a band with you. Not family or friends to ask if your song is good.   There are probably a hundred a ways to get a review of the potential of your song. Will my song be a hit? That's a question every starting songwriter ask himself. Don't ask family or friends, but, but the average Joe that you don't know at all. He will tell you it is a good or it's just crap. But the musician that know the potential of a song, he will give you a idea.

So, ask what others think about your song is a start. When these others are professional music business people, then they will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. If your song is not their cup of tea, they will let you know. If your song has hit-potential, then they certainly will let you know.

Below this text you will find a listing with services that provide a song review service. Some are for free, and others aren't.. See for yourself if they can be at your service. Remember. Taste is a strange thing. What is  the  best song ever can be just worthless for others.  But, if your song can make then money or will make money, they will tell you.

Be aware for the Shark!

Song Review Services: Here's the list

Song review ,song evaluation or the assessment of your original written song.

Have your songs evaluated. Janey will use her many years of writing songs and having them placed to help you with structure, lyrics, melodies, content and ...

Pro Song Evaluations SongCity

Single Song Pro-Evaluation Do you have an original song that could use some TLC? Are you stuck on the second verse or does your chorus lack the impact you ...

Former of " Freedom Road Records" Russel Barker is also the owner of a song review service.

This assessment service is for free. Another great way to have a better view of the potential of your songs. Russels Reviews..

NSAI-or Nashville Songwriters Association International

NSAI - It All Begins With A Song NSAI includes songwriters from all genres of music, professional and amateur, who are committed to protecting the rights and future of songwriting.

The Song Advisers

Song Review & Appraisal service appraisal service for songwriters. If you have a hit song, we can get you the deal!

Songwriters Is both a song contest and song evaluation or assessment service. They are organising every month a "best song of the month"contest.

London based song appraisal service for songwriters. If you have a hit song, we can get you the deal! ... How much does it cost to have a song review? ... is hosted in a secure web hosting environment with an organisation who provide industry best practices security and file ... "The biggest single difference between the US and Australia has been the degree of co-writing. And co-writing drives up the standard!

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