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Hi and welcome to our song demo recording information page..Here we'll explain how these service works, and try also to show you the importance of such a service for pure songwriters and newbies in songwriting.

The reason why composers using these services more and more, was with the growing competition in the music business.

While the established songwriter having their own home recording studio, and delivered songs of a very high quality, the beginning songwriter started at home and recorded their songs in the bedroom(or another place) on a tape recorder.

The point is (or was) that they never could compete with the pros.

And that's when the demo recording service came along. From that moment of , everybody had the chance to pitch-out a professional demo recording to the music business people.

The Internet: Is it a curse or a blessing for songwriters?

The world wide web has enormous advantages for  music artists..

You can get famous just putting some original you tube movies ....

So, it's all different with the past, before the Internet ..Let's say the vinyl time..No problem with illegal downloads.. and when you had a hit song, you sold millions of copies that everyone wanted to buy..

Now, you can reach thousands, but still selling zero .. A sad fact..

Now, about song demo recording companies..

Song Demo Recording..Some tips..

When the Internet appeared on the music horizon, then these companies where profiting of the fact that they now had access to the whole wide world,through the Internet. 

So, the number of demo services is still growing and also, they provide a lot of employment to musicians and singers, and the newbie songwriter has now the opportunity to compete with the established composer.

Although, the last one is using this service too. Why he shouldn't? The material is professional recorded and that's the most important thing. Isn't it?

When you find an interesting song demo recording service and you wish to make use of it service. Of course, it isn't roses all the way. Distrust is the mother of safety.

Try to contact one of their previous clients or ask a list with name and address or phone number, of previous clients. Again the Internet can bring you a solution: The social networking websites,Facebook,Twitter,...

There are probably enough people to find that have already used a song demo recording company.. They probably wish to share their experience, good or bad, with a promote a service, or break it down.. Forums are also the place to be to find out about recording studios who are doing song demos..

Start with sending only one song!

And check out...

  1. That the quality of the music as good as they has promised and you expected?
  2. That  Your demo recording ready within a reasonable time..

When things turn out badly?

The Internet is fill with fraud..It's anonymous, and you can reach a lot of people..Two things that make spammers happy..

What can you do about? Nothing.. There are scam in the real life, and on the Internet ten times more...Again, that's life.. Check out  carefully every move you make on the Internet..

There's little you can do against such behaviour. Fact is that most of these companies are residing on the other site of the world. 

You can always try to get your money back in courtroom, but to be honest, with little hope that you'll see your money back..

If you have a good experience with a demo recording service..Then

What you really, really should do is very simple..

If you have find a good reliable demo recording service. Please , spread the word, Facebook, or any other social networking site,  so that others will know it too.

So, these are most important things you need to know when you consider to use a the demo recording you'll find a selection with these Song demo recording services..

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