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Important things that you have to know when starting with your web presence.

If you are an performing artist, songwriter,singer-songwriter, or band member, then you and your band need some exposer. You could say: I'm already on the net with Myspace,Youtube,....and many others. OK, these sites are good promotion for artists,and a plus is that it's completely free.

But who do you think has the most advantage of all!

True, the webmasters of these site where genius with a sharp sight to what the future would bring. They have achieved a dream, and some become millionaires or even billionaires.

No, not everybody is having the same bright prospects. But as we often mentioning: The world is for the one who is daring to do.

My personal choice goes to Myspace, but that's totally my own opinion. Facebook is ,as far as I can judge, with 600 million members ( and still growing),the most popular social network site.

Second biggest social network is Twitter..

Of course, the internet is a very competitive instrument..Face book is still the biggest, but you never know that an other player comes to chalenge the biggest..

There's also Google plus...

Social networking sites.. Here's the list..



Was one of the first social media to support independent artists..

You can even sign in with your Facebook account to find friends who are already on Myspace!

Find online communities featuring emo, pop, punk, rock and screamo bands. View thousands of pictures, music videos and connect with fans.

The world's largest online music catalogue, with free music streaming, videos, pictures, charts, artist biographies, concerts and internet radio.

To find more ways to promote your music ..Then ..

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Dear music friend..Thanks for your visit..Below this text you'll find another list with the most important social networking media of the moment..There are probably a lot more, and as I have noticed,  some have disappeared from the internet too..

I'ts up to you to choose what kind of social media you think will fit your needs the most..Some are member of every social network site that exist.. But ,this takes a lot of time, and it's difficult to spend time in all of them..

Feel free to re-visit  to follow our site's  up-dates..

Paul F  webmaster.. of 'Song-makes-music web site..

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