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Hi and welcome to "Sell music online" page. Here you'll find some ideas to market and sell your songs and music through the Internet. I know that it comes a bit like as a repetition, but I keep on saying that the Internet is the biggest event and the best that have happen for the unsigned band and artists. In the past, bands could only promote their music locally on gigs, and if they were lucky they got some airplay on the local radio, or on the student radio.

Now, stone age is passed,  the age of the world wide web has arrived. Millions have the possibility to reach millions through the Internet. When you start to market, and sell music online, then make sure that you put all your eggs in one basket. There are many different ways to market,promote, and sell your music. Some promotions are free, while others you have to pay for.

Like I said, the more ways you walk to promote your music, the better the market and selling be, and thats why we are doing it for,isn't it so? I suppose..

We all wanna make it big in the music industry. Every band want to sell his music. Of course,there is a lot of competition, and that's why I'm writing this down and you are reading this.

Marketing and promoting

Takes a lot time and work. True, it will take a lot of your time, and it could cost you some money. But if you get more income then your efforts will pay of. Building a website takes time and effort too, but remember that this will you be paid back in time when visitors come to your website and make a purchase. ( The truth is that You can sell whatever you want on your own site..

You can sell your CD's through your own website, as a download or send your costumers your CD throug with a mail package (what even ask more work).

You can also call in a music promotion company. They promote your music and sell your music through an online web page.

Some examples of these services: Soundclick,CD baby, or any other indie music stores

CD compilations...

Talking abot compilations,there are labels that are really trustworthy and doing an excellent job to promote bands the best way. But how to find them..Because, if they find you, then you better watch out.

How you know wish promotion company you can trust?

You can always lay an ear on the networking sites, see if someone has a good story about a company. Also, the good companies mostly are staying.

The "not so good ones" are disappearing after some time on the net. If a company provides good services, that's the best promotion, and they are remaining on the net. If you are thinking (and you really should) of creating a website of yourself,then you can use some advice.

If you get advice from music business professionals, then that's even better. Keep all the info that can be helpful. But the stuff you don't need,the useless information, just delete. or

There are also a lot of (E)books on the market, Amazon or ebay, that can be very helpful to market and sell music online.

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So, the Internet is the place to be to start a music business, or even to break into the music industry. Marketing and promotion are things that take some time before the ball starts to roll.. Therefore it might be good to take a better look on our site's,, other pages too . There you'll find a lot of info about promoting and selling your music to the world of Internet.

Thanks for your visit. Feel free to re-visit our website to folow the up-dates..

So, wish you good luck with your marketing,promoting, and selling music online.

The webmaster

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