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Welcome to our 'Rock record label' page. Wether you're a single singer or a member of a rock band, this page is met for you...Here you'll find a selection of  of Rock labels..Because of the amount of labels that are into Rock music, we have split-up the pages a bit ..So there's also a second and third part with Rock music labels..

So, If you are looking for a record deal and your style of music is Rock  music! Than you've come to the right place to start with..

But let me tell you that most of these rock labels currently not accepting demo submissions. In fact,most of them they are overwhelmed with packages.

Here you go to...

One more thing.. If you want to find out if they currently accepting demos, then go to their contact info page. You'll find all the necessary stuff you need right there.

One last tip... Important...Don't loose your  time and money with shark business men...Record labels as well as publishing companies could be shark companies that rip your money away...

Rock Record Label: Here's the list..

Anticon Records : Is a collectively owned record label dedicated to scrounging up quiet ideas and tiny epiphanies wherever they might be found Northern California

Afternoon Records

Minneapolis, MN

Alias Records Corp.

Rock label

Archaic Records

Independent record label based in Portland, Oregon.


Based in Dayton, Ohio

genres: All types of music also Rock

Area 67 Records

Aux Records Label

Syracuse. U.S. , New York.

Indie rock label

Baby Grandy Records exist more then 15 years...

Specialized in Hip Hop and Indie Rock...

Badman Recording Co.

US Record label

Barking Dog Records

Portland, United States based record label

genres: Folk,Classic,Rock,Folk/Rock, Blues

BGO Records - The Beat Goes On

B.I.E. Records, Based in Emmaus, Pa Genres: R&B,Gospel, Rock and Punk/Rock

Blob Records Independent Record label based in Melbourne, Australia. Home of Singer/Songwriter David Thomas and others.

web Url:

Blue Bleep Records

Charlottesville,VA USA based Rock record label


Blue November Records

United States based record label

Bonza Records -

Australian Independant Record Label dedicated to taking remarkable Australia talent to the world.

Bootleg Booze Records

rock n roll label ...

Norwegian indie record label

Career Records

Independent Rock record label

Caroline True Records UK based independent record label

Concorde Music Group

Based in Cleveland,OH US Genres: Jazz,Blues,Latin and Pop/Rock

Comet Records Based in Italy

Genres: Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz


HOME a Yorkshire UK independent record label

Coyote Recording Studios

Coyote Recording Studios has fallen victim to the new face of Williamsburg.

Copro Records

Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire, UK based record label

Cyclone Zebra Music Danish Rock record label

Daven Records

Bayside, NY based rock record label

Currently accepting demos

Deafcat music records Lawrence. U.S.A Kansas

Door 13 Music : is a UK music publishing company and independent record 

Downfall Records

Swedish Rock label

echo park records ma

Los Angeles based record label

artist management, music supervision, and concert promotion

Eastground Records

Eastground Records is a Sweden based Rock record label

Ergotone Records

is a specialty Russian record label bringing you music and music videos from the best Russian Artists.

Espy Records

independant label based in St. Louis, Missouri,USA

Evoke Records

 Experimental pop, rock,

Exile Records

New York. United States. based record label


rock and country

Fearless Records

California Alternative label.

F2 Records

UK Based Rock record label

Flat Earth Records


Foam Records.

Minneapolis. U.S, based acoustic,and Rock label

Friendly Fire Recordings Based in Brooklin,NY

Frogville Records9/21

Based in Santa Fe. U.S. New Mexico.

Fulmination Records

Independent Record Label specialising in Rock acts.


Greenville, SC USA

Galaxie Records!

Based in Atlanta,Georgia. United States.

Genres:, Blues, Rock.

Galileo Records

Swiss Progressive Rock Label/Publisher

Gateway Entertainment Inc.

Nashville Record Label

Good Mojo Records

is an independent record label catering to the best musicians in the Tacoma area.

Goodnight Records

Atlanta and New York City

GreenMan Records

Gringo Records

Independent record label based in Nottingham

Guerrilla Records

Winter Haven,Florida, USA

Headshop Records

Based in Red Bank. New Jersey, USA

Headphone Treats

is an Atlanta/Athens, based record label

experimental and eclectic pop/rock

Hearts On Fire Records

Record label based in Marshall, MI, USA

Hellcat Records

Record label located in Los Angeles, USA

Hooked Up Records


Based in Atlanta, United States.

Hottrax Records

Independent record label located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Idol Records -

Record Label based in Dallas, USA

Demo submissions: Be sure to include your contact information along with a bio, recent photo, web address, press kit and upcoming show dates.

Immortal RecordsLabel

Santa Monica, California ,USA based record label

IMU Records!

a Vancouver, Canada-based record label.

Indierect Records.

Autin,TX independent label

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Rock Label: Part 3

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