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Welcome to the 'Rock record labels part two' page, where you will find a listing with important Rock/pop labels on the internet. We've split the rock labels up , so it's a bit easier for you to find the right Rock record labels, the one right for you.

So...if you're looking for a record deal and your style of music is Rock or acoustic Rock or Rock/Pop music! Than you've come to the right place.

Some rock/pop labels do accepting demo submissions at the moment, and others are overwhelmed with promotion packages.

So, you can and see and find out for yourself if they can be helpful/useful to you and your career.

Good luck to all of you..

 Rock Record labels from J to Q

Jealousy Records

ipower pop, jangly guitar pop, brit pop and melodic pop.

Just Friends Records

Based in Halifax. Canada

genres: Doo Wop, Garage, Pop, Rock

Jailhouse Records

Kentland Records

the online home of chicago's kentland records

Chicago's I

Independent Rock Label. .

Kinky Star Records.

Belgian's most important independent record company with a nice selection of rock music artists

Last Call records

French independent label.

Artists include Calvin Russell, Alex Chilton, GG Allin, Berurier Noir, and Soledad Bravo.

Last Stop Records

Independent label based in the San Francisco area,USA

Latest Flame Records

Milwaukee,WI, USA

Lazy Bones Recordings

Independent production company, from Los Angeles,US

Leisure King Records

Based in Cambridge MA,USA

Lion Music

Based in Finland

Neo-Classical & Hard Rock Label

LiquidCity Records

Independent label based in Seattle,Washington, USA

Litterbox Records

Independent label San Francisco,USA genres: Blues,Indie,Folk,Pop; and Rock

Lonestar Records

Germany based rock record label

Louisville Records

Berlin based Rock label.

Love Planet Records

Hollywood cal, Based record label

Lunacy Records

Oklahoma City's Premier Recording studio

Mad benton records

Based in Berlin,Germany

Maple Island Records

Independent Rock label based in Central Minnesota, USA.

Market Square Music -

Winslow,England based record label

Genres: Unusual Rock and Pop

Matchbox Records

Michigan,Flushing. U.S.

All genres of Rock music

Australian based record label

Mr Records

Middle James Records

Vancouer based indie Rock record label

Mill Town Records

Based in New Hampshire,USA

Genres: Americana ,Country Folk ,Pop and Rock music

Moonstruck Records

Woodland Hills, Cal,USA

Multi Level Records

Genres: Hip-Hop and Rock

Musea is a non-profit record label, dedicated to the promotion of Progressive Rock.

Myphonic Records

from Torino,Italy

NCM East Records

New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Nashville, ...

New Pants Publishing Inc.

Colorado Springs,Colorado, US

genres: Rock,Pop,Country/pop, Blues, Country/Folk

Niche Records

Based in Waterlooville. Country:, England.

Nonesuch Records

Based in Tampa,FL, USA Nonesuch Records/ Warner bross


Style of music: indie, electronica, rock,

Beware of the shark

Norton Records!

New York based label

specialized in Wild Rock.

Not Bad Records

Denver, CO

OnTop Records

Miami Florida based rock label

genres of music: Rock and Hip Hop.

Orange Recordings

Los Angeles. U.S., California.

Out of Order Records

Based in US, Davis,Ca

Pacific Records

A Wingnut Media Group Company, is a full service record label based in San Diego, California.

Paper Garden Records

Based in Nashville,Tenn

genres: Pop and Rock record label


Park Records

Record Label specialising in Folk Rock, AOR and Classical Pop

Quagga Music and Publishing

Online home of PB Ploy

Folk/Rock singer-songwriter

Pavement Records

Independent record label based in Chicago, Il. All info concerning this label is available on the website.

Showcasing all categories of rock.

Sun Record

This is an established record company that started 70 years back in Memphis and now based in the heart of music, Nashville, Tenn

Unable Records

Signed bands are punk and metal

Unable Records

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