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Welcome to the 'Rock music label' third part, 'cause we've split-up the record label list in three parts so you can find each label better. Here are the Rock labels listed from R to Z . Here you'll find a listing of the most important Rock record companies on the net.If your style of music is Rock or Rock acoustic then ! Than you've come to the right place.

We've split up the pages ,so it's a bit easier for you to find the right label .

Most of these labels don't accepting demo submissions at the moment, cause' they are overwhelmed with promotion packages .

But...if you're looking for Labels that are accepting demo submissions.... to pitch out your promotion demo to, I've created a special page, (working links) with labels that are accepting demo submissions.


These labels are not country specified...They are  from the United States as from the UK, or even Europe based...but all rock in their roots...

So, see for yourself if one of a Rock record company can be helpful/useful to you and your career (or not).

 rock music labels! The list

Reveal Records

Based in Derby, UK

Genres : Folk, Pop, Rock music label..

Rattsburg Records:

Based in Rome,Italy.

Realize Records

Rock music label based in Los Angeles,Ca

Please note that we are currently seeking artists who have a substantial mailing list, fan base, a strong internet presence and performs/tours regularly.

Red Cat Records

Vancouver B.C. , Canada.

Genres: Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Punk, Country, Indie

Signal Records

an independent record label that is open to any style of music, but specializes in music that is experimental.

Scat Records

is an independent label that was spawned in Cleveland in 1989 and is presently located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Scat does not specialize in any genre of music

Scooch Pooch

United States based , Rock and Roll record label.

Seriously Groovy

London independent record label Accepting Demo's but read the "Submissions info" first.

Shock City Records

St. Louis,Missouri, USA

Shroom Productions Online

Texas Progressive Rock record company.

Sublingual Records

Sublingual is based in Boston USA Bringing the best in international free improvisation, jazz, out rock, and electronic music. Sublingual is based in Boston USA and features artists from the Boston ... Genres: jazz, out rock, and electronic music.

Six Shooter Records Toronto, ON

Sleeping Dog Records

Independent Internet-based label.

Specializing in new and contemporary Chicago blues, but offering a broad range of genres. From rock to R&B to jazz,

Small Stone Records

Detroit, Michigan Rock n' Roll

Solent Records

Independent record label operating from the Isle of Wight, UK. Featuring all kinds of music by artists based on the South Coast of the UK.

Solution6 Records

Based in Berwick. Pennsylvania .

Sonus West Records

Meridian. Idaho base label

Genres: Progressive rock, rock music, indie rock,

Spade Kitty Records

Chicago based independent rock label

Spooky Records -

Independent Record Label from Melbourne, Australie

Square Park Entertainment

an Austin, TX based artist development organization with management, booking and record label devisions.

Star City Records

Roanoke, Virginia.

Static Records

Detroit Indie Record Label.

Storm Records

City:, Detroit. U.S. State:, Michigan. Country:,

compilation cd's

Stump Records -

Based in Phoenix. Arizona. Country:, United States.

Genres:, Alt.Country, College, Folk, Latin, Psychedelic,Rock

Sun Record Company

Where Rock & Roll Was Born! Rock music label

The Rock music label where Elvis, Conway and Johnny Cash all got their start.

Sweet Lucy Records.

Cincinnati,Ohio based independent Rock music label.

Tangled Records,

San Diego, CA

Target Records

Germany based independent label

Telepathy Records

Independent label based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Three Gut Records

An independent record label in Toronto.

Tight Spot Records

Based in Austin, Texas, USA.

Tie Records International:

home of The Hitmaker, Nicholas Markos ...


The Beechfields is a small artist-run label based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tonecrash Records

Based in Spring Hill, TN

Trampoline Records

Trakwerx Records

Hailing from Jolly Old England comes Trakwerx’ first international signing and release,

True North Records

Canadian record label


Alkmaar. Country:, Netherlands ....

Unknown Records

Urban Cheese Records:

label based in Seattle, WA.

Varulven Records


Vagabond Records -

Based in Nashville.Tennessee. Country:, United States.

Multi-Genre record label ...

Vanguard Records -

Based in New York. -

Venture Music Group

New York. United States.

Genres:, Country, Dance, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Rock


Vulpine Records

new record label based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Genres: Indie,Folk, and Rock

Whiplash Records

Nashville , Tenn based label

White Whale Records

Canadian based Rock record company

Windy Town Records

Chicago indie Rock record company .

Wolfgang Records

Finland Rock record company

 Wrath Records

Based in Leeds. England.

Worldeater Records

Rock record company based in Philadelphia. U.S Pennsylvania.

Z Records

Liverpool. Country:, England.


A rather new label, working from Belgium/Europe.

Zealous Records

An independent record label based in New York City, dedicated to the development of raw, honest, and powerful rock and roll bands.

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