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In the first place a listing of reggae record labels. And in the second , a target for you, to do your pitching out, and in the third place a web site where you will find and can listen to your favorite music. Namely, Rasta Jamaica music, or Reggae music.

Now, most of these reggae labels don't accepting demo submissions at the moment. As a matter a fact, They are overwhelmed with promotion packages.

Also, every label that's on the list has something to do with reggae, but that doesn't mean, strictly reggae music. Most of these labels are into a few styles (Hip-Hop, Rock..) and others in all styles of music( Or Almost).

If you're not sure what to include in your promotion package.

The " artist promotion package" explains all the things that matter to make a good impression, and the first impression is the most important one.

Remember, look pro, be pro! Your Promotion Package!

Reggae Record Labels Here's the list. 


Adelphi Records

blues, country blues, blues rock, folk, world music,reggae...

Based in Glendora. California. United States.

Axe Records

Reggae record label

BlackLab Records -

Reggae, dancehall, urban music from Zimbabwe and Africa.

Zigo are in the studio, working on their debut album; to be released July 2010. ... Blizzard Records

BLUE PIE PRODUCTIONS has the pleasure to present you the new standard from the creator of Reggae and Dub.

Fire Tripe Records US based Indie label Reggae garage soul ska hip hop sweet music "just listen""Sweet reggae music" from the Brazilian sensation "Tribo De Jah".

Easystar Records Original live reggae from New York featuring newcomers and legends.

5th Element Records RICHIE SPICE -

Greensleeves Records : Reggae record label Music A move to Shepherds Bush in 1977 saw the foundation of the thriving record label that is now based just west of London in Isleworth.

Green Sphere Records Specialing in Jamaican Roots Jamaican Underground Reggae & Hip Hop Music

Oakland CA. Havavision

Havavision Records

Records London's freshest indie record label Genre: Reggae/Dub (English). Ras Boops didn't choose music, music chose him! ...


the home of roots reggae. Check out our releases and listen to samples of them.

JumpOff Entertainment KSR (King Step Recordings)  for more conscious Reggae

LIFE Records Cleveland music label. Assisting local musicians and clubs. CD sales and Music downloads. Reggae Music Record Label Microphonic An independent record label based in East London.

Moon Ska World Record Company, Based in UK, East Sussex Genres: Ska and reggae music from around the world ....

Moon Ska World

Buy Online Moon Ska World Record Comapny, Ska and reggae music from around the world

Nighthawk Records

Nighthawk Records is an independent roots music label, specializing in Jamaican Roots music since 1976.

OHM GROWN Records.

Label: City: Toronto. Country: Canada

One Eye Records

Red Tide Records

Redline productions

edstar73 Records

Ska Reggae Rocksteady Oi

label from Barcelona, Spain Popular Categories: Music Promotion · Independent Record · Radio Marketing ... By Popularity. Jamaican Reggae Music · Alternative Music ...

Soul of Anbessa records : roots reggae music record label, ...

Sharpnote records,

Hawaii's number one promotional and publishing company, Record label of recording artist O-shen


Genres of music: Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Punk .

TANGATA RECORDS - HomeTangata is a New Zealand based entertainment company dedicated to development, music production, promotion, management and publishing for various Mâori artists.

Tanty Records,

Genres : Reggae, Dubby, Breakbeat and Downtempo music. Tiki Entertainment -

Are blowing artists up and out of Hawaii. The Company is a Media Powerhouse made up of skilled people here, locally in Hawaii.

Topaz Records Sweden-based system and record label.

Terelonge Recordings

Reggae record label

Tree of Life Records

Is a family owned and operated record label

Trojan Records The record is to feature two early Reggae tracks from Randy's Records that were ... Trojan Records is a label of Universal Music Group Visit the Trojan shop.

VP Records

Ahead in Reggae Music,

Walboomers Music

Walboomers Music was established by the brothers Walboomers in 1996. Walboomers Music

Young Tree Records

A grassroots independent record label based out of Northern California specializing in roots reggae music.

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