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Did you know that the songs and music you hear on the radio or see on TV are actually made with a computer, a soundcard, and the right software. If you wish to make a professional sounding music recording,then you need the right recording software for a home recording studio. A computer program and a quality soundcard ..This could be a plug in or a build in...It all workd great..Just , the price..Quality software and computer soundcards have their price ticket...For a new beginner this could be a big bite from your budget..Don't spend too much , if your new.. Learn the Technics and then , you"ll see what the futur brings..

There are  a lot of software packages that you can use to make a brilliant home recording. In fact,many professional studios using the same software that you can purchase also. Of course, everything is depending of the price you'll pay for the songwriting tool. Here, on this page,you'll find a selection othat we think are  the better software packages, or software tools for the home studio..But , if there are any changes, we'll sure will ad them as soon as possible.

Recording studio software..The list

Ableton Suite 8

is a complete software studio. Ableton Suite 8: includes Live 8, 10 Ableton instruments and a vast library of preset instruments, Effects Racks and Drum Racks.

Steinberg VST releases Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6, two new versions of the world’s most popular music production system. A very good songwriting software package...Have used myself, and quit happy with the resuld..

Sony Creative Software With Songwriter's Acoustic Guitar Companion: Expanded Edition, Leo Cavallo and Sony Creative Software name you, the songwriter, as the primary beneficiary ...

Apple's Logic Pro 8 songwriting and music production software and ran it on a Mac Pro computer. “Logic was so easy to use, even for a beginner . Everything you need to create, perform, and record

audacity.sourceforge Sound Editor and Recording studio Software

Audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio. is a multi-track audio and midi recording program with support for loops, lyrics and sheetmusic. It has only a basic interface and is best for midi recording and editing (unlimited tracks), as you only get a one minute audio track with the freeware version.

n-Track audio multitrack recording and editing software for Windows with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, virtual editing features, support for 24 bit multichannel ...

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