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Hi and welcome to our "Record Labels" page. This is a directory of important record deal information. The place for a  songwriting  artists searching for a deal..

Labels are lead by the A and R reps, or better the "Artist and Repertoire Representatives".
 Their job  is in the first place to listen to every submission and make a selection of the best ones. Then find out these new  bands and acts  how they are performing on gigs..If they past the test, they might get signed...

Major record labels and Independent

There are 5 major record companies.  The four best known are:Columbia, EMI,Sony,Universal and the new kid on the bloc, Virgin. 

But, it's better to choose for a record company that gives you more chances.

Be sure that they looking for your style of music. For example, if you are in hard-rock or metal then don't send to a country or a dance label . Maybe it sounds stupid, but this happens all the time.

So, do some research before pitching out your promotion demo.

We'll start with the independent record companies, because targeting the major labels would probably just a waste of money and time . Also, you need to do some research before sending out your demo submissions to

First of all,try to find out what style of music they're into. Secondly, try to find out who the head of A&R is , or an other name that you can use, this to make sure that your package goes to the right people, or to the right guy in the company.

How to get a record deal?

Your song material must be strong (read good)and your package must look outstanding. A jiffy bag with printed label, inside a typed promotion letter typed with your address. Before sending out, make sure that there are no typos , so a spelling checker can be quit usefull. Also, your CD must be properly labeled and must sound broadcast ready,if possible, of course.

Record like to hear radio broadcast ready material.

Look pro be pro !

After you have send your promo package to the record company of your choice. You have to wait about 4 to 8 weeks before purchase them for an answer.

You Will do this by making a phone call. Ask for the person that you have send your demo submission to( the contact name if you got one). Then ask what they think about the Demo.

Now this can happen.

1)They will blow you of .

2)Or they will say that they didn't like the demo!

3)Or they have not received your package or lost it!

In any case , don't start to scream or insult the people on the other site of the line. Allways be polite, thank them  for their time and hang up. You will make a good impression by being just polite.

Try again in about six month to a year later. When you have new songs you can send them a package again. Maybe when you phone them , they had the chance to listen to your CD . If you stay friendly they maybe dig up your CD from under the dust and listen to it.

And with a great recording , you have a very good chance to get a contract after being scouted on one of your gigs, of course.

An A&R will never offer you a contract because you are such a nice guy or girl. If that's what you're thinking, stop dreaming! The truth is... We are living in today's hard music business world, and not in a low budget movie.

For the US record labels...

Before pitching your press kit to U.S. labels here's a tip...

Never send unsolicited tothe U.S. or to an US record label. if you're not an U.S resident. They simply will not accept the package, as good as your demo may sound, or how well your package may looking. And, in some states unsolicited mail is illegal too. So don't waste your money. If you wish to contact  for a demo review, then send them an e-mail,or phone call and ask permission first before sending your submission.

This would be all, I think.   Just one thing. Don't expect nothing. You still will be dissapointed, but less. Never give up.

Christian record labels part one

    Christian labels part two..

 Gospel record 

Country 1

Country 2

Folk !

Folk 2



Pop record labels

Soundtracks record labels

Roots music labels..

Soul music labels

Australian record 

This page contains U.S. and U.K.  labels...

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