Record companies accepting demos!

Hi and welcome to 'record companies accepting demos' part two. Here you'll find a selection with labels that currently accepting demos.

Make sure you'll send the right type of songs to the right labels. So, you have to find out first what kind of music they are into. Some are demanding music of all genres ..others are more specific into the style of music they are looking for.

All the submission info that you need, you'll find it on the the "contact us " page or look for the "demo policy" .

Good luck with your search for a record deal!

We'll start with...

Amathus Music

To submit a demo to Amathus Music please follow these guidelines: Submitting a digital demo:

Amibella Records

Before submitting your demo please follow the below submission guidelines!

Hush Records

country: United states

HUSH radiates love, music and goodwill to the world from Portland, Oregon. Strongly discourage unsolicited mailings: Read demo policy carefully

Pop Noodle is a new record label based in London, UK. Our physical releases are cheaper for you to buy directly from this very website, so take a look ...

More record companies accepting demos..

One of the UK record companies accepting submissions.

Realize Records

Realize Records is currently accepting submissions. Please contact via email with your website and/or myspace links before submitting.

Please note that they are currently seeking artists who have a substantial mailing list, fan base, a strong internet presence and performs/tours regularly.

Spooky Records

Based Melbourne Australia

Spooky Records

ARC Music

World & Folk Music Record Label, with over 600 titles from over 60 countries world-wide, your complete source for world music.

Big Noise Now

Accepting demos at this moment.. Read instructions onto your demo submissions to Big Noise.


Blues Skunk Music , Chicago Aren't currently looking to release too many album physically, but are looking for artists with ready product. Read "Demo Submission info" available at web site.

Sharkmeat Records

United States independent record label Shark Meat Records catalog contains a variety of music styles ranging from pop to R&B to electronic to alternative. Read the "Contact us " page info about demo submissions

Record companies accepting demos! But be aware for shark attack!

Never heard about shark publishers? Well, you can read it all here..

Kind Canyon Records

London,UK based New record label. Are a young independent record label actively seeking artists and bands to work with

www.kindcanyon Records


demo submission. Hello, are always searching for exciting new music to work with,...

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