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Many artists and songwriters some times don't bother sending their promo CD to radios.

So, they are missing a chance to promote their own music,songs and the  band. Besides, it's a very good way to reach a lot of people in a very easy way.

It's also an excellent for your promotion to the music business, it put you and your band in the picture, and that's where you have to be to get the attention.

When your CD has got some airplay, don't forget to mention in your press kit promotion letter . A&R people love to hear this kind of information.

About the radio promotion.


The National Radio stations!

Four different roads

The first to start with are the National Radio stations, 

Among musicians and songwriters,they are and the best known, and have the biggest audience...

But also, for a beginner songwriter or band,they are quit difficult to reach, and to get your music .

True! It's not easy, but neither it is impossible.

When you want to get airplay on these kind of radio stations,try to contact a manager, CEO,radio dj,.... first, before sending anything to them.

If you can contact them,by telephone,email..., then always be polite (as usual)and find out who's doing the show that fits with your style of music.

With a little luck..You get your songs and music broadcast nation wide.

As a result! A growing number of fans who will buy (download)your new album, and who will come to watch your gigs..

Getting airplay on the national radio can be a real breakthrough for you and your band. The biggest problem to overcome is: How do I get my music to the right people.

The locale radios and Student Radios!

They are smaller but there are quit a lot of them. This compensate the fact they are much smaller.

The national radio will prefer names rather than quality or unsigned music.

And, disadvantage two, it's harder to contact them than to contact the radio stations who are broadcasting national(by phone, for instants).

When you have a contract or a CD release, than you can send your demo to the radio stations of your choice.

The big and the small. It want hurt you or your career.

The locale stations have the advantage that they will promote locale talent and give them a chance tot play listings their music. They have also their specific program for almost every style of music.

So, if you describe your style in a letter than they can pass on your CD tot the right person with the right program. After he has heard what your music sounds like, he can decide to play it or not to play. That's the business!

Where you find this radio's? To start, you can find the locales on your own radio. In the yellow pages you surely will find what you're looking for.

Student radio's have their specific audience, like the name say's, the students. There region are the mayor university cities. You better find out what kind of music they are broadcasting and which person is representing which program.

With an address and contact name, you can send your music straight to the right person.

Internet radio!

Internet radio is one of the fastes growing radio. Every day there are a few starting on the net (and maybe more than a few).

They are very easy to start with. Actually, there are websites where you can start your own station..

UK internet radio stations....

Like you will notice, most of the radio stations have their own style of music.

Many artists start their own Internet radio and if you wish, you can start your own radio too. To find airplay for your band, or your music , on the Internet isn't a problem at all. It even may be a the best place to start.

But, as I repeatedly saying, don't lay your eggs all in one basket. Spread your promotion as much as you can. You can never promote too much.

Radio are great  promotion for your music...No doubt...

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