Popular Musical Instruments

Hi and welcome.. Here some popular musical instruments used for songwriting..

The fact is that you need to choose an instrument for songwriting. If you haven't decide yet with which instrument, then this is your page is yours ..

The moment of truth..

Here you'll find some basic info about the most common instruments used for songwriting.

Yes, in fact, songwriting can be done on almost every instrument but...

Generally these the most important one: the Guitar,the electric guitar, the piano, and the keyboard synthesizer.

The Classical,Acoustic or Electric guitar?

Most popular Musical Instruments, then we'll starting with the guitars: The classical Guitar, the acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar.

In fact, These are the most important tools when it comes to composing and writing songs or searching for new tunes. Also, it can be used as accompany instrument.

But as I mentioned above, these three musical instruments are really the best to start with to accompany yourself when recording your songs.

The classical and the acoustic guitar !

We'll start with the instrument that is used by many, many. songwriters..

The classical guitar, is relatively cheap and easy to handle musical instrument. Many songwriters,and singer-songwriters are starting with the guitar and when they better skilled, after a while, then they buy an more expensive songwriting instrument . Some are even having a whole collection of guitars..

Some start with the classical guitar and then buying electro

acoustic guitar!  Guitars can become an addiction ... you start always with  one, then an other one, and the next one....and before you know, you have a collection..

You are playing the acoustic or classical guitar, but maybe want something new...

Guitar lessons!

The piano!

Learn how to play the piano!

The piano is a very popular musical instrument especially among songwriters, and performing songwriters.. It's also one of the most "beautiful" instruments and also one of the most expensive too.( This said, some are real Pieces of art)..

Pianos have a strong and loud sound, but are quit heavy.. minus points too, of course. We have the upright,the one quarter, the two quarter, and the three quarter grand piano.. The piano is used by famous songwriters, and here's a grab of the list: Sir Paul McCartney,Sir Elton John,Billy Joel,Burt Bacharach...and many many others....

More information about the

piano. Thinking about the piano as your instrument.. Here you'll find some

resources to piano lessons...

Piano lessons: Part 2

3) keyboard- synthesizer!

Third of our most popular Musical instruments ... is "The keyboard synthesizer"...

It's playing the same as a piano , but  It's an electronic instrument designed to produce electronically generated sound, using techniques such as additive, subtract, physical modeling synthesis, or phase distortion.

If you think the keyboard is something for you then..

More about the

Keyboard- Synthesizer!

If you need some Keyboard lessons? Then find some keyboard -sythesizer lessons here..
Keyboard lessons: Part 2

The electric guitar..

Solid body and

The Electric Guitar!

More Guitar lessons

How better to show you tan with a video.. Guitar lessons on video

And so we come to the..

The Amplifier ...Louder Please!

This is not an songwriting Instrument, but it can be useful for to plug your instrument...

We all know the amplifier of as a tool that you need to plug-in when you wanna play electrical guitar.

But in fact, on the amplifier you can connect to keyboad synth,electrical guitars,acoustic guitars,drums. The amplifier canalso be used on stage and in the recording studio..or anywhere you need it. The choice is yours.

But mostly, this tool is used by the songwriter when he/she has the electric guitar as his instrument or when he (songwriter) wants to try it as a performing music artist.

More about amplifiers used for musical instruments

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