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Welcome to the "Pop record labels" page. Here you will find a selection with important pop labels.

So...if you're looking for a record deal and your style of music is Popular music! Than you've come to the right place.

Some popular music labels do accepting demo submissions at the moment, and others are overwhelmed with promotion packages. When they accepting submissions we will indicate..

Also, You'll find them on an other pages

On this page you'll fid a selection with "Pop record labels" Maybe you're think about Starting a record label? Getting signed and selling your music in no time.. to your own Indie record company. Would that a be great idea or not?

So, you can and see and find out for yourself if they can be helpful/useful to you and your career.


Pop Record labels: Here's the list!


Pop electronica record label

london based record label

website: 5000records.com/ Aardvark Records, UK independent record label Rock & Pop Division Our latest Rock and Pop releases. www.aardvarkrecords.co.uk/

Absolutely Kosher Records Home Page Because so few local events allow for record labels to interact with the music ... Well, if you pop on over there, you can find out a little more about what ...


Alternative Tentacles

Energized by a new line-up, this record stirs up the country and .... Melodic pop punk with tinges of rock are the burrito beneath the hot sauce of their ...


astralwerks Records The ravishing pop spectacle of the year


Binary Entertainment is a Los Angeles based record label and music blog focused on emerging artists in pop, dance, and all forms of electronic music.


blue bell records

An independent record label that you ... The music has been called dream pop


Decca Records

Well known record label from diverse music from Pop to Rock.


Dying Giraffe Recordings: record label promotion ... Dutch record label promoting a variety of artists

Genre: indie pop ...


Happy Way Records is the independent music label of choice for aspiring Rock, Hip hop, pop, RnB, Soul, Dance artists, songwriters, producers seeking a ... www.happywayrecords.com/

Hella Good Records

one-stop music licensing ... band that creates fun, feel good pop-rock while incorporating a deep singer-songwriter quality. ... www.hellagoodrecords.com/

HUSH Records: Independent label from Portland, Oregon. Please do not send unsolicited demo or music to this label but  read the demo policy first before sending any thing...www.hushrecords.com

Interscope Records 


Leon Russell producer, owner of a record label and publishing branch...Give also reviews of your music...


 Lesstalk Records is a Sydney record label with a focus on folk, hardcore, thrash, ... www.lesstalkrecords.com/

Matador Records

It's an pop record label..Keep in mind that Matador records  accept no more packages or demo submissions.. www.matadorrecords.com

New Average Records

record label for indie, pop and new wave music the new music label for indie, pop and new wave music.


Pop Noodle is a new record label based in London, UK. Our physical releases are cheaper for you to buy directly from this very website, so take a look ... ilovepopnoodle.com/

Polydor Records

Is the first, and so one of the biggest independent pop record labels. All Genre/Artist, Dance, Indie/Alternative, Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter ...


Reekus Records

Reekus is a record label and publishing company based in Dublin, ... scene in the last year with their special brand of psychedelic dream-pop rock'n'roll. ...


Chad Sharp

Chad Sharp is a Singer songwriter, producer, record label owner... www.sharpmusic.com/

Slumberland records

Seminal US indie-pop record label. ... Accepting submissions

slumberland Records


Chicago's Premier Independent Record Label ..Accepting submissions, but read demo policy first...


Zivaldo Publishing, label and publishing company,  (Jazz, R&B, Funk, Fusion, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop) www.zivaldo.com/

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