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Hi and welcome to our 'performing songwriter' page. If people ask me:"What should I do? Will I write for others or will I write to perform the songs myself?" I recommend to sing your own songs. No one will sing them better then the person who wrote them with his mind but also with his heart. A songwriter write songs and lyrics about things he has know, or about things that are close to his heart

Who else could sing and perform them better then the writer of the songs? True! Performing on stage is something that not anybody can do in one,two,three.

Also true! There are some singers and performing artists who are born to perform on stage. They feel it as something natural to standing in the spotlights and sing or play an instrument on stage. But the all in one talented guy's and girls who are songwriting, and singing there own songs on stage. There aren't to many who can do it all.

And yet.. I'm convinced that most people have a voice and can sing. So why shouldn't you sing your songs? There could be a few reasons to do not.

  1. First reason: Stage fright. It's to stressful to be a performing songwriter. You actually die on a stage. Undoubtedly, a very good reason. But... Knowing that there are a few tricks and techniques to overcome your stage fright, and if you never try you never know.
  2. Second: You don't want to become famous. You just like to be the guy on the background. Simply doing your song writing, and never mind about the rest.
  3. Third reason could be that you have not enough vocal ability to perform on stage. But who cares about the vocals. In fact, everything can be learned. Singing looks like something that you have to be born with. But actually, it's something that you can learn. No one is perfect. Even the best singers on Earth have or are doing some vocal exercise to improve.
  4.  One thing clear:"You're not a helpless case. In fact, no one is.. A voice is a strange thing, and each taste is different. Some will like your voice while others don't. That's life and the reality you will have to live with. A voice can be high, low, rough, deep,sexy, warm... There are so many different voices to sing with then there are people trying to sing...

Performing songwriter! It can be learned...

Singing lessons can help you to improve your vocal ability..

  • Until you sing and perform your songs, no one will be able to review your voice or your performing. Most songwriters have a voice and can sing there own songs the first time. But for one or another reason they don't prefer to become a performing songwriter. Mostly because of one of the reasons explained here above.
  • CD sells are going not so well. Performing and doing gigs would bring in some money.. I know, money isn't everything..But it could be a motivation..

  • Performing means also more work, more learning and rehearsal.. On the other hand..You get more satisfaction..Doing gigs,if you love to do this, is one of the most exciting things to do.. OK, you will be nervous at first..But you will get use to it..

Think about this information and let it settle down a bit..Before you become a:"Performing songwriter or Pure songwriter".

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