Performing Rights

Hi and welcome. The  'Performing rights' are the rights to perform a piece of music.. All the rights stay with the owner of the copy rights of the music..In other words.. The songwriter..

It's up to the songwriter, decide what happens with your piece of music/lyric. It's possible that you sign the royalties to a publisher. Then it will be his he who owns the right to the song..and it's his  decision what happens with that song.

Some performing right organizations...

ASCAP, BMI: United States

PRS(Performing Rights Society) , MCPS: U.K.

SABAM: Belgium

A simple way to protect your songs and music.

  1. Assign your songs to a solicitor(attorney, lawyer) or a bank manager ensuring that they date and seal the item in your presence. Of course, they must be willing to cooperate.
  2. Enclose the song in an official registered envelope and post it too yourself. Leaf it unopened, and when it comes to a possible depute, it can be opened in court.
  3.  In the US, it is normal to use the service provided by the library of congress.

What does a performing rights organization do?

Well, they protect your song on the first place When one of your songs is published, they make sure that the royalties from that piece of Music goes to the rightful owner(s)

Here I will give you the story of the performing right organization ASCAP, who has given me the permission to publish some information.. So , here we go...( This will give you a better Idea of what a performing rights organization is all about)

Ascap for instants is a membership association of over 200,000 us composers, songwriters,lyricists,and music publishers of every kind of Music. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide.More.. ASCAP

We've come to the end of this page...about performing and copyrights. I hope that I've made clear the importants of these.

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