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Hi, and welcome to our 'online band contest' page. Here you'll find a selection with online competitions for bands, and singers, or even singer songwriters... Let's say, the battle for bands online.

To do what you have been practicing for hours and hours. Then, finally the day that you go on stage. Stage fright!For some it can have the same impact as bullet would have. If you got stage fright very bad, then performing it's not a happy experience..

You have to get rid of it, or..just start with an contest online for bands ,singer-songwriters.. Anyway, you have been practicing as would your life depending on it, no it's time to pick the fruit of your rehearsal time..

This can be the first step, before the big step before an stage audience.. The online band competitions gives you also a great opportunity to show your talent before the music industry exec who are judging these contests.

We pass you on this info, it's up to you now..

Some contests for bands and singers..

Here they are

The first music competition site to allow unsigned bands to challenge one another. A battle of the bands site for unsigned artists where users can vote and

Become a Vocal popstar online.. Online competition.. Easy to enter and great promotion for beginner artists..

The next Gretsch Great" unsigned artist competitio is open only  for unsigned bands..or bands, singers signed to an independent record label

"Next Gretsch Greats"

The World Wide Music contest..Online band and singer Competion ..

Many a music video contest you can find  on, and Youtube,

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