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Here you'll find a list with a selection of companies in the New Yorh area.

The manager mainly handle negotiating on the band's or singer's behalf with the label, the publisher, merchandise company or any other business company.

The reason why a (signed)band need a management company is that the band ,or singer can focus on his career as a songwriter,and performing.

What is the Job of the music manager?

New York management companies..The list..

Tenth Street Entertainment is not just one of the world's leading management companies, but a multifaceted media  music business..

Big Management

Ltd New York's Premier Artist, Producer and DJ Music Management

Bobcat Band Manager

Songwriter, performer.. Bobcat Band Management will be your Management Company. ...

Music producers Sheldon Steiger and James Walsh provide a unique recording, MajorWho Media Music Production, Artist Management & Publishing, NYC

The Working Group Artist Management

1290 Avenue of the Americas 23rd Floor New York, NY

The umbrella Group.

Music entertainment and artist management company based in New York...

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