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Hi and welcome to our "The music recording " info page. Here we'll give you easy and clear  information concerning the recording of your demo. So, first we've splitt-up the home recording and the professional demo recording studio pages because this was needed..This to show you what differences there are between both ways of recording a demo...

Normally your first recording happen at your home, into the bedroom, living room or any other quiet spare room around your place. There you record, and save the tunes or completed songs to the hard disk of your computer or another recording device ( like a compact recording console).

The first music recording of your song material, that's the kick-of or the beginning of your songwriting career.

As I already mentioned, the first recording of a song, or a tune , will be a rough version, anywhere on some quiet place. Rough recordings can be also saved on other recording gear like an Ipod,MP3 player...Although, the quality is not that good, but when it is just to save a tune to remember and record on a later date, when you have more time, you record them on your

The recording of your demo is an other more complex story, than your first rough recording at home.

But again,I'm telling you all this in a few words, but in fact, the whole process can take a few weeks, month, or even a year.

Now , when we talk about the song recording or demo recording, there are three ways that you can follow.

The Pro Music Recording studio

If you have no studio, or the proper equipment at home and you wish to record your songs the best way, then the demo recording service.. could be your solution.  These services have the right people and the perfect equipment. If you really want to be sure, the first time of use send only one song at a time and see,hear, wait for the result. If the music recording is excellent, then you can go for more of your songs with this demo recording service. Here we have placed a selection with  some demo recording services

Recording studio

You don't need any music recording equipment if you wish to use a professional recording studio somewhere in your neighbourhood, or far away overseas..(depending of wish side of the sea you life London or New York..Nashville...)

Then that's the job of a real and quality..

What way would you go.. Would you go for a recording at your place..or will you go for a quality recording in an professional sound recording studio..

This is the place to record a perfect demo with your best songs... There, they develop your songs into quality master tracks.  Broadcast ready if you wish.. One thing thought: A decent studio will cost you money..On the other hand.. Recording equipment cost also money..

Pro Music recording studios!

If you really want to impress the music business pro, the publisher, a&r rep., Then, sending a really quality pro recording of your best songs will do the job..And.. to impress even more, you can point them on the fact that you have record your demo in one of the most famous music business spots existing on the planet.. To give the shild a name; there are three that pile above all: For United States these are: New York, Nashville, and in the U.K. London..of course.

To be honest, in these centers of music there are thousands recording studios located. So, we'll try to give you a selection...

Making a trip to one of the many Nashville recording studios or another place to record your songs (music).. The best New York recording studios  would not only cost a lot of money, but on the other hand , they let the music business people know that you take your music career very seriously.. Like I said, your recording would incredible sound..

Of course, these professional services will have a price .. It's up to you if a pro-recording in Nashville, New York or on the other side of the Ocean , London. Here to a London recording studio.. is worth the money..or not


Start small.. Don't spend too much money in when you're a beginner songwriter.. If you really wish to make a brilliant recording, one that make a great impression on the music industry folks.. Then try to find a recording studio in that reach your budget..

One of the most famous in the UK, known all over the world..the professional recording studio . ..Then ,for the right price, you can record your demo in the most precious recording studio you can imagine...Abby Road...A dream comes true...

Tip to get more info on building a 'Home recording studio'. Watch and learn from Youtube videos.. You' learn a lot about studios and building recording studios..The more ideas you have the better..

 home recording studio!

If you still wish to build your own studio, then think that music recording equipment will cost you money also..My advice is to start small, with small amount of money.. Not the expensive stuff..

and not to forget, Back Issues for Songmaker!X-press.

Dear songwriter,music friend....

Left me only to wish you a lot of fun with your music recording, and also with your future career as a songwriter, or music artist..

Thanks for your visit. Feel free to re-visit our website,to follow our site's updates..

Wish you a lot of fun with your recording...

The Webmaster!

Paul F.

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