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Hi and welcome to the "Music recording tutorials" page. Here you'll find a listing with a selection of on-line resources to recording lessons.

Home recording can be very useful,and also exciting work that you can do to .

Where to start with... a small compact all-in music recording device, that you can use in your bedroom or some other perfect insulated spare room..a place where you can keep the noise out side.

Of course, you can get a mastering engeneers, recording studios in the yellow pages,were these people will do an excellent job. By taking some lessons you can maybe go for a job in a studio yourself..after some time, of course.

An excellent music recording can be expensive undertaking.. So.. Why not start learning all the stuff yourself by following an on-line course.

On-line (as of-line) you can find any possible courses that you want to.. Like I use to say..the Internet is the perfect place to do a search . If you ain't find it there, then you ain't find it anywhere. By a matter of speaking.

Music recording lessons....starting here...

  • Learn Studio Recording and Engineering, Music Engineering Courses, Tips, Tutorials,

Private Music Lessons, Recording Studio ny, Royalty Free Licensing Queens New York recording studio that gives private Music Lessons, composes buy out production music and features unlimited royalty free music downloads ...

Free online music lessons for all standards

  • Audio Master Class - learn audio online.

    The Audio Masterclass provides online music recording tutorials and training in sound engineering

    Home is a top resource for anyone interested in home music recording lessons, project studios, and mixing their own music CDs, MP3s, or tapes.

Music Recording tutorials Online : Mixing music and recording guides

  • Recording School Online offers expert music mixing videos and online education in the art of audio recording and music production.

Recording from an External Device, Total Recorder ...

  •  Learn the Art Of Recording.the skills needed to start a career as an audio recording engineer skills that are also fundamental to start ...

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