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Portable recording studios are by far the best solutions for songwriters for recording songs and music. They give an excellent result and thats all you need. One thing thought. You have to do some learning on how to work with these tech tools , that's all.

The portable recording studio gives a near-to perfect professional recording.

So,..on this page we'll discuss two brands of compact recording consoles. Starting with Boss BR900CD, Boss BR1200, Korg D888 and D3200. What we'll not do is comparing them or make a review about these equipment . We'll just give you the right facts about each recording console.

Of course there are a lot of more brands that offers compact recording studio's, but for now it's only Boss and Korg.

We'll start with the...

Boss BR-900CD

The Boss BR900CD is the portable recording console, is a reliable all-in-one digital recorder, and stands out with its professional effects, realistic drum-pattern generator, vocal-correction and Mastering Tool Kit, digital output, and internal CD burner.

  Some of the many features of this music recording console, the BR-9000

  • 8 simultaneous playback tracks, 2 simultaneous recording tracks with 8 V-tracks (64 V-Tracks total)
  •   XLR inputs with phantom power, plus 1/4" and RCA inputs, and digital out Pitch correction, chorus, delay, reverb, EQ, and other great BOSS-quality effects
  • Programmable drum generator with 294 patterns, plus Tone Load function for custom beats
  • Record direct to Compact Flash (128MB card included; record up to 624 minutes with optional 1GB card)
  • Record direct to CD-R/RW
  • USB port for data backup to computer, plus importing/exporting WAV files...

 Boss BR-1200CD

Some features of the Boss BR-1200

  • COSM effects and amp models from GT-6/6B multi-effects processors, a great-sounding bass and drum rhythm programmer for instant backing tracks, and professional I/O.
  • two-track simultaneous record and 12-track simultaneous playback with 192 virtual tracks.
  • Pro touches include an icon-based user interface, XLR inputs with phantom power, and a USB port for audio export/import in WAV format.
  • Multi-effects and COSM models A lineup of COSM models include the world-standard Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, R-FIier Vintage, Metal Stack, BOSS Compact Pedal models such as OD-1 and MT-2, and more.
  • COSM Mic Models emulate expensive condenser mics. Correct pitch and add harmonies with the Vocal Tool Box, and for the finishing touch, tap into the Mastering Tool Kit to put a pro-quality polish on your tracks.
  •  The BR-1200CD has a USB port for simple, one-cable data exchange with your computer. You can export audio tracks to your computer in WAV format, and safely save backups of your song data.
  • 12-track playback 192 virtual tracks 2-track simultaneous record CDRW drive 40GB hard drive.

Korg's D888 Eight Track Digital Recorder

Some features of the Korg D-888

The Korg D888, digital music recording console, is set up very similarly to the older generation analog tape recorders and just as easy to use.

  • Balanced mic preamp with TRS and XLR inputs with 48V phantom power.
  • The D888 can be used as a mixer as well! Monitor Out L & R; Master Out L & R, and individual outs for channels 5-8, or you can switch to eight individual outputs.
  • Provides 16-bit/44.1kHz quality with eight tracks simultaneous play and record in WAV format.
  • Balanced mic preamp with TRS and XLR inputs with 48V phantom power.
  •   8 channel I/O digital mixer with hard disk recorder 8-track simultaneous record and playback 8 XLR and TRS balanced inputs
  • High-performance mic preamps 48V phantom power on XLR inputs
  • User-friendly panel design 8 full channel strips with trim, 3-band EQ, gain, pan, effect send, and fader 11 master-quality effect types

Music recording console the Korg's D3200

The D3200 is the first in its class to provide up to 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 12 tracks of simultaneous recording to support high channel-count projects – such as recording a live band.

The p mixer section includes 40 input channels plus a great set of high-quality effects that employ KORG's renowned "REMS" modeling technology. Korg's completely new and interactive Session Drums allow you to easily create a realistic and natural drum track for your entire song,

Further more there is:

High-capacity 80 GB internal hard drive

Built-in CD-RW, Master Track and Album CD Project features allow you to produce a production-ready CD with ease.

USB 2.0 connectivity allows a smooth exchange of data with your computer-based DAW software. Use the PC drive partition on the internal hard disk to share data with your computer.

Professional Quality Sound At An Affordable Price The new D3200 provides 16 and 24-bit uncompressed 44.1 or 48 kHz recording and playback. Up to 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording*1 are possible.

Interactive Session Drums

Sophisticated and Versatile Track Editing Tools

The korg 3200 is , as you maybe have noticed from previous text, the most expensive music recording console on featured on this page. Of course, all depends of what you may expect of your recording and even more important. Your budget, and this is up to you to decide how much you wish to invest or to spend on a good recording.

If you need to know more about how to learn recording your own music.

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