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Welcome to the "music publishing companies" page! Here you will find pages to the music publishers world wide. These pages are listed by city or country.

Below this text you'll find a listing with  publishing companies. Starting with publishers from New York, Nashville, Houston,Los Angeles and other US publishers. Also, UK, Australian, Canadian and  publishing companies from Ireland.. 

We have also a page that point out what to include into your artist Promotion package.

Others than in the UK or Europe,In the US , publishing contracts (and recording contracts)are difficult to read. So, before signing a contract with a US company, ask advice to someone who knows the US contracts thorough .

For many songwriters the horrifying truth and artist who are getting their first contract is to be so excited and overwhelmed by the sight of the first deal, that they sometimes forget to read the small letters and signing without a thoroughly examination of the paper.

Read it carefully and ask for legal advice if there are hazy points. A solicitor can suggest to do some changes, and can clarify the contract better.

Of course , legal advice is a costly matter( starting from $150 and up ). But...on the other hand, contracts are big business to . Some with six figures contracts and more, this means a lot of money. So read your contracts well or let the contract  check-out by a pro ( Lawyer, solicitor..).

That's probably the best solution to take at that time.

Here's the list....

New York Music Publishers!

Nashville Music Publishing!

Nashville publishing part 2

Texas Music Publishing

Houston Music Publishing

Los Angeles Music Publishing

More U.S. music Publishing companies.

London Music Publishing

other UK Music Publishers

Canadian Music Publishers

Australian Music Publisher

Ireland music publishers 

If you are into Christian songwriting then you can find here our list with

Christian Music publishers.

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