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As we all know ,Nashville is probably the most famous of all music centers in the world.The center of all that's belong to music and music industry, and also one of the bigger and better for music publishing.

Here on this page you find a selection of the second part with Nashville music publishing companies,. We have not listed every Nashville publisher just ( that we thought) the most important one . Keep in mind that: United States based Music publishers don't accept unsolicited submissions. Please contact us prior to mailing in any song demos. Unsolicited materials will stay unopened and marked 'return to sender'. If you wish to learn more about the music publisher and his role in the music industry.

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Music Publisher Nashville! Here's the list...

Let's start with the first Music publisher Nashville...

Moraine Music Goup is one of Nashville's most inovative publishing and production companies . From Country to pop/Rock...

2803 Bransford Avenue

Nashville, TN, 37204

Monk Family Music Group

1506 17th AV S

Nashville, TN

ParamountSong, The Nashville Songwriting Connection for songwriters all over the world. ... is affiliated with full-service music publisher, ...

Parlor Productions

Nashville Music Publishing and recording studio A full-service Grammy Nominated studio in Nashville, USA. Specializes in making records for record labels and independent artists.

Parlor Productions

Peer Music


1207 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212

Peer Music

Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville One of the leading music publisher Nashville.

Pat Higdon, EVP/General Manager, Website:

Prize Music

3106 Belmont Blvd

Nashville, TN 37212

Rory Bourke: Songwriter and Music Publisher in Nashville, TN 11 Sep 2010 ... Rory Bourke is a songwriter and music publisher in Nashville, TN. During a career of more than thirty years, Rory Bourke has had songs ...

Steven C. Welch Nashville Songwriter, Singer, and Publisher - Index A country music singer songwriter and publisher in Nashville TN. New cd will be available soon. the current cd is available to buy and will remain so.

Song Garden (Byron Gallimore's publishing company)

25 Music Square East

Nashville,TN, 37203

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

8 Music Square W.

Nashville, TN,

Ten Ten Music and Universal Music Group Nashville have had a long history of success together. That success is being continued thanks to recent cuts by ..(URL).

Nashville Independent Music Publishing Company Verge Publishing, a Nashville based independent music publishing company.

Warner Chappell Music

20 Music Square East

Nashville, TN, 37203

Windswept Pacific

33 Music Square West, Suite 104-B

Nashville, TN, 37203.

Wrensong Publishing Corporation


1229 17th Avenue South

Nashville, TN, 37212 Publishing

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