Music Promotion for songwriters!

Hi, and welcome to the "music promotion for songwriters" page. The main purpose of our site is to give info to (starting) songwriters. So,here are some roads that you can  go to promote your songs and music to the music industry people.

In other words.. How to promote your demo?

If you're a band and a performing artist, singer-songwriter, then the next question will be;

"How to built a fan base for my band or myself" ?

"How to promote myself to record companies and to music publishers?"

"How to promote myself on the Internet the best way"

The world wide web is a kind of promotion were everything is going very fast.. For bands and artists the best promotion that you can imagine..

Songwriter,Band or Singer-songwriter!

The music  promotion for a band , singer-artist, or singer-songwriter is slightest different than the promotion for a pure songwriter. In general, all is depending of what you want to achieve in your musical career, but I bet you wanna reach the top. Why shouldn't you?

In music business, the shy is the limite..

Song promotion! Online and ofline!

There are many ways o promote your demo cd.. There's an ofline way, like it was for many decades, and the new online way...The most easy and sheap way..Click, submite and your done...

Your demo publishers...

The package that you will send to record companies and music publishers. Again , this is also a bit different for a performer than for a pure songwriter. So, more about this topic you'll find on the page "What to include in

Your promotion package! There's also an other way to submit and promote your music to the record labels and publishers. Your web presence or better: Your Electronic press Kit. or EPK! Myspace,Youtube, Facebook.. Just to name a few that could being used as a EPK.. The advantage is...that there are more and more record labels asking for an online link to to your EPK. It's easy and fast.. Starting with Music video promotion!

Promotion through Social Media!

If you are an performing artist, songwriter,singer-songwriter, band, or a band member, then you and your band need some promotion through social media.

The Social media Networking sites. You have probably already heard of ( Facebook, Twitter, ....) these exellent ways to promote your business, your music. Just To reach  fans, and to make new friends. 

You could say: Ok, I'm already on the net with a Myspace,or with my Youtube,...(.and so many others ). OK, these sites are also good ways to od your promotion ,and the best advantage is that it's completely free! Or maybe not? Privacy is their strongest point..

Your own promotion website!

The world at your fingertips.

Nowadays, every band, artist, or songwriter,.... who takes his career seriously, need to have a web presence. With other words : Need to build a website. No doubt!

I'm sure you have been surfing on a Myspace,Youtube, and other free music promotion sites, and most band and artist starting here their first web presence.

Of course, a performing artist or a band need a website!

 Their own website! You can say that this is a must, the most important promotion for your music that you can imagine.  It's just a great way to take your music career to a next level and promote it to the world easy.

It's also a great way to grow a fan base quickly.

Building a music business website,is building a fan base, is building a music business!

Promotion through the radio stations!

Another great way to promote your music ,is sending demo submissions to radio stations.

There are four different roads to promote your music on radio stations.

• The locale radio stations.

• The national radio stations.

• The student or college radio.

• The Internet radio.

So, if you want to find airplay on the Internet, this may be a good place to start with. Directly broadcasting on the net with your own online radio station.

Promotion through music magazines.

Promoting your music, yourself or your band too music magazins..How to do that? 

You can send them an entire press package like you send to record labels and to the publishers. So they will listen to your music and read all about you and your band in a promotion letter.

If they like what they hear and read,then they will contact you with the contact info you have enclosed in the package. If you don't hear from them, call them or contact them with an e-mail,and ask what they think of your CD. Always be polite when asking questions, even when you get an "No" for and answer. You have a 'No' you can get a 'Yes' and when you send your demo to a music magazine...Buy a magazine at your locale book/newspaper store..Read the adres inside the magazine ( it must be state ) and send your demo... 

Music magazines

There are good e-zine also...and these e-zines become moer and more important to get noticed...So..Later on more about e-zines...

No matter were you send your demo submissions to.. If you wanna succeed into the the music business, one thing you have to accept! You just have to deal with rejections.

The music promotion company!

The best way of music promotion is spreading your money. Don't lay all your eggs in one basket, or with other words: do different sorts of music promotion. This will give the best results for you,your band, and your musical talents.

I have just mentioned a few , but I'm sure there are a lot of them more. Try to find them too. Promotion is an important part of your business, If you want to succeed. So, always promote yourself as a professional would do.

Give the promotion of your band in the hands of people who know what they are doing.. The music promotion company. does all the promotion work on your behalf, but it will cost you money.

Your song marketing!

Song marketing is in fact the paid variant of music promotion.. You pay for advertisement.. On the internet for instants, there are  plenty of ways that you can walk to promote your music...Going from social networking sites, to Google ads ( or an other search engine,they're all have ads to sell).. To big music website that give you adspace for a(fair) fee...

Song marketing is aggressive and cost money...

But there are so many ways that are for free...

Making money!

What's the pros and cons of selling your songs direcly online.. Hree I'll explain  how to market and were to sell your music online. 

To find some Indie music stores , and music promotion companies where you can promote and sell your music and songs..

If you are an independent artist or music group, then selling your music online is definitely an option you have to consider.

Song promotion company!

  A music promotion company is doing all the promotion and targeting to record labels, publishers,for you. So you and your band can focus on creating, and writing great songs. They are great help for bands.

They help you, but this for a fee of course. Some asking one fee, (a few hundreds bucks). Others asking $ 50to $150 for a three month promotion scheme. Of course, as a band, you get a lot of exposure. But as a pure songwriter... I'm not sure about that point.

Only if you ( the pure songwriter) don't care about the money,by all means, sign in.

Note: If you're been asking to enjoy or to be included in to a compilation C.D. ( for a fee of course).

That's OK..... Because not everyone get this opportunity, only the better songs will have a chance.( the company always makes an selection of all the received demo submissions). One of the better known music promotion companies..: Taxi 

Most of the bands grab this occasion with both hands.(Because it's good promotion for the band..) But, for a pure songwriter.. But just a waste of money..

Even the smallest record company can easely receive a few hundred demo's a month's (or a week ), and the bigger. thousands submissions  weekly Ofline and online . So you are one of the  hundreds, thousands... Thats not a thing that would give you convidence, but if you manage to get a contract, then you really deserve it..

A last word of advice on music promotion.

If you get rejection letters or no letters at all( even when you include self-addressed, stamped envelop) . You must realize that there are thousands of record labels in the US and five hundreds( or more)In the UK.

It's like fishing in a big lake with thousands of fish swimming in it, and there's that special fish , just right for you too.

If you catch that fish, then your in the game.

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