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Hi and welcome to the "The music promotion company" page. These promotion companies will do all the pitching and the chasing with the record companies and publisher, on your ( the band,artists) behalf. They also send your promotion demo to radio stations and music magazines. Some promotion companies are having their own Internet radio station or an on-line magazine( or both).

Of course, the promotion company won't give you these facilities for free of course. Every (good) service has it's price, and the one is more costly than the other. But as always, how more you pay , how better the facility will be(sometimes). What you pay is what you get.

Anyway. The Internet will get an more and more important role in promoting band and artist music and this with the on-line music promotion company, of course.Everybody has to admit that.

Music Promotion

Even the major record labels are beginning to understand the power of the World Wide Web, and-the truth is, it all just started.

In the nearby future , every songwriter, artist, record label,publisher musician...ect shall have to connect to ( and most have already done) the Internet or losing the game and missing the train (or whatever).

Your band as well as every band, can use promotion. And on-line is the best way to start with.No doubt about that.Be sure to jump on the train before it has gone too far away to catch him up.

The music promotion company knew they had to jump on the Internet train, because they otherwise would losing the race.

Everybody who is not going online, they'll just be left behind.

Going for record deal or a publishing contract?

Or do you want to have some publicity for your next gigs?Some companies will give you a personal page where they'll promote you or your band with music samples to let the people know what kind of music you're into. This way they promote and introduce you to the public, to the fans, to the publishers, and also A&R executives.The leading people behind the record labels

Other music promotion companies will gather unsigned artist and included them on a compilation album ( if they agree).All these facilities ain't for free, they costing money. For instants, to be included on a compilation you will have to pay about $250- $300 ,£150.

I must say, some companies make good living of with these compilations. SO, you will ask yourself,is it all worth the money?

It can! For some it Will work , for others it shall feel more as a failure. My advice is this: Don't spent too money much on these services. See it more as a way to promote your band to the public. Don't count on getting rich.

If you are a band or a performer, than the compilation CD can be something for you. But don't expect too much , 'cause it might be a big disappointment . Have you ever heard about shark publishing?

Compilation offer..

If you get an offer to be included in a compilation CD.. Be careful..

There are trustworthy companies who are offering an honest promotion deal ..

  But the bad guys exist also..and they will continue to exist. The Internet is the perfect place to con people.. so be careful to dealing with. with this kind of music promotion company

Of course you must believe in your music and who can blame you to spent some money on a music promotion company? If it's turns out well,than the money is well spend .

Otherwise, out of the mistakes you make, lessons will be learned.

Next time you will just have to take an other road to promote your music or just choose for an other music promotion company.

Promotion companies that have a long existence, they probably will be  better. The worst companies don't have a  long life to live. They vanish after a while.. A good thing,thought...

If you wish to know more about the music business...

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