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Hi and welcome to our "music producers" page. Here you'll find a a list with music production companies world wide.

The producer's main job is to create and deliver a quality master music recording.

His job is to record the songs, make the arrangement,make sure that each song has the right instruments included, and he's sometimes also the recording engineer.

So, here's a description of what the role of the role of the producer is all about..

Also,he's receiving a part of the royalties,and on the sales of the Cd's. . His chair will set in the contract.this will be  ( around 3% to 5%) 

This could be going for one song or an entire album. It's all depending of what you want or what the agreement ( contract) between you and the producer,or between you and your band. Yes, a contract can be quit complicated, and that's why a solicitor could be handy to figure it  out..

Final conclusion...

Contacting a producer to produce your demo is not really necessary.. The biggest con is that a producer is expensive..

A producer does his work in a recording studio...Making your songs sounding brilliantly...( or that's the idea anyway)..

A  pro producer is a  costly matter. So,it could be paid cash,  or they will have be a share in the  CD sales ( what will be written  in a signed contract).

 so, that your songs are record and produced perfect, and your money well spend...

The biggest advantage is that your cd will sound astonishing..It could be a day and night difference between a cd mastered by ordinary Joe, or done by a professional ..

It's up to you to decide if the money is worth to spend..

Music Producers :
Here's the list...

You'll find a list with the most important producers...

Starting with....

New York producer

Nashville producer

Los Angeles,CA

San Francisco,CA


Next : More producers , but  other then the previous ones..

   More producers based in the U.S.

                     Canadian producers

                               Ottawa music producer

                                  Vancouver producers

                                More Canadian producers

Producers from the UK, Ireland and Australia..

London producers

Other UK producers

Ireland producers

Australia producers

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