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Hi and welcome to "the Music producers San Francisco" page. With the heart of the film industry ,Hollywood nearby, in San Francisco you can never go wrong.  If you are looking for a music producer and you living in San Francisco, CA area or nearby, then this page will be right for you. Here you'll find a listing with music producing companies active in the heart of the California music scene.

If you can make it here..You'll make it everywhere.

If you want to find out what the role about the music producer is or is it any good for you or your band , then check out here on our ' the job of the music producer'.

Here are the music producers san francisco !

With Music producers San francisco based

David Litwin Productions

Theme composer and audio production: David Litwin. San Francisco music Producer: Studio of David Inocencio and Minette Siegel, 


Credits Composer,Arranger and Music Producer Jerry Gerber. 39 years experience in music . Electronic music production and composition.

website: Jerry Gerber

Michael Winger : producer, engineer, songwriter and musician based in San Francisco, CA.

Shaunna Hall: San Francisco guitarist, composer, producer


Jeff Robinson, Record Producer/Engineer

American Music Club "San Francisco" Assistant Engineer Reprise Records Producer: Joe Chiccarelli.


Golden State Productions


M Squared Productions


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