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Hi and welcome to "Music producers Los Angeles" page. If you are looking for a music producer and you living in The L.A. or nearby, then this page will be right for you. Here you'll find a listing with music producing companies active in the Heart of the Music entertainment "L.A. City".

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Here's the list...

Bell Sound Studios

located in Los Angeles, California is a recording studio that specializes in music recording, voice over recording, video editing, production, ...



Music producer Johannes Luley is located in Los Angeles. He has a state of the art recording studio in LA.


Los Angeles Music Producer

Southern California-based music producer and songwriter, Damon Cisneros is known for his keen ear and tremendous versatility.


Peter Malick is a Los Angeles based Music Producer Peter writes, plays guitar, and produces music at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles. ... Music Producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. Contact: If you would like to have Michael Raphael produce your project please go to this

Stephen Marsh Mastering provides sought after custom mastering services to the production communities of Los Angeles and the world-at-large.

Mike Leone Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer ...

website: Mike Leone.

Seventh Level Productions is a joint venture between producers Brian Yaskulka and Stewart Cararas. Conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood, ...

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