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The music manager is the guy who'll represent an artist or band, and do all the chasing for a record deal,publishing deal on their behalf. So, a manager is more demanded for bands and performing artists than it is for a pure songwriter. In the early stage of their career most of the bands and artists will do the managements on their own .

When fame is coming and demand for the band will grow (gigs) , you can leave the weight of organizing,purchasing, negotiating contracts.... over to the more experienced person. With other words, to the music manager or the music management company. If one of the band members will do the job, that's fine too. If it's a person you can trust 100%. Somebody you really can depend on(and they still exist),with a nows for business, then there is no problem to give him the job.

To avoid disappointments you better check out every management deal very thoroughly.Too many artist and bands have suffered with management problems after signing a contract with people who where taking the cash but doing nothing at all to help the band and artist.

Be careful with people without any experience or any contacts in the music business. When you start from zero, this can happen.

Considering that once the contract is signed, it's very difficult to quit. Of course you can go to court but this is an costly adventure with no guarantee for a beneficial result on your behalf.( break off the contract)

So, when signing a contract for a managements deal (or any other), be careful and look for any figures. Not only the contract is important, the person that will be your manager for a few years.

Music Manager...Before teaming-up...

Or better...Before you signing-up  your soul to the devil..check these things out first.

  1. Has your future music-manager references from other clients?
  2.  Does he has a list with contact names in the music industry, with who he has worked with?
  3.  Does he have any current clients? Any previous clients and successes?

Where and how can you find a manager? The best that you can do is contacting management companies and when a contract is been offered, only accept that they take a 20 % cut of your earnings.

The Music Management companies

Management companies in generally want first to hear how your music sounds and see how you are performing on stage..

You can send them your promotion package(the same package that you send to the A&R and the publisher) and when they like what they hear,they surely will contact you.

When you include some tickets from upcoming gigs, they will check out your performing abilities. If they are still enthusiast, than they will make contact.

You just will have to wait ( or phone them) and move on with develop all your skills, like playing instruments,your vocals,writing songs, performing on stage.

This developing never ends, you can always do better.Never think that your are perfect.

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