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Hi and welcome to our "Music management Las Vegas" page. Our site main purpose is to provide the beginner songwriter ith information and advice concerning music business and songwriting.

Here on this page  you'll find a list with a selection of companies from around Vegas and the Nevada area.

About the music manager mainly handle negotiating on the band's or singer's behalf with the label, the publisher, merchandise company or any other business company.

The reason why a (signed)band need a manager, or a music management company,is that the band, singer can focus on his career of song writing ,rehearsal,and his performing on stage..

Performing singer songwriters nowadays are top of the bill...Songwriters performing on stage their own written songs get a lot of respect of the music lovers who often goes to gigs watching shows..

Music Management Las Vegas :Here's the list...

With "music management las Vegas based" companies...

Angel Management Group Angel Management Group is a Las Vegas based nightlife and entertainment company which owns, operates or consults for venues including Pure Nightclub,

Diverse Studio Magnificent Las Vegas based recording studio

Also Artist development, and music management is a management and entertainment company Our company is based on the belief that our customer's, artist's, agent's and principal's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

Steve Beyer Productions

Management Team: Steve Beyer  Las Vegas' premier talent agency and production company,

HOT in the summer. What better way to cool off than a pool party especially one featuring the reggae-rock sounds of One Pin Short. ...

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