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Hi and welcome to the "Music management companies" page. Here you'll find a listing with artist management,and selected by region,city,or country.

This could be the United states,New York,Nashville, or the UK,Europe,Australia,Canada...

This could be the United states,New York,Nashville, or the UK,Europe,Australia,Canada...

Why should you need a music manager? ... The manager will represent the artist or band, and do all the work (chasing-up for a record deals,publishing deals,gigs,...),in short, all the things that comes with the music business, on their behalf.

So, a manager is more needed and demanded for a band and for the performing artist than it is the case for pure songwriters. In the early stage of their career, most of the bands and artists will do the management on them selves, or one of the band members will do.

But when the fame and fan club of the band is growing, the singer or band can give the weight of organizing, purchasing, and all the other business things,over to the more experience guy: "The music manager"..

Music management companies For the UK...

For bands and performing artists from the UK, here are

The United States..

Here are the most important centers or cities to find in the U.S. Of course it's better to live in the nearby of these people , but I'm sure there are some companies in your area too.. We'll start with...

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Looking for a record deal..If you are a performing artist, or band..

Finding record labels that accept demo submissions is a must.. Not so many record companies are currently accepting demos..

We have also a second page with record labels that accepting demos. So, if you wish you could go here to record labels with Record companies accepting demos. Demo submission Page available ..

A rule in music business:

Getting a music deal on the end of the year, November,December, is hard to achieve.All the action re-starts the next year, in January. So,waiting means that there's time to write new material..

So, good luck.....and be patient..