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Here you'll find a list with a selection of companies from around the California area.

The reason why a (signed)band need a management company is that the band ,or singer can focus on his career as a songwriter,and performing. The music manager's or band manager's main job is negotiating on the band's or singer's behalf with the label, the publisher, merchandise company or any other business company.

With Music management California based companies...

Tenth Street Entertainment In the wake of the music industry's rapid consolidation, the threat of digital piracy, ...

Los Angeles and London, Tenth Street Entertainment takes a hands-on approach

IMG Artists is the global leader in the arts management business, providing the ... With offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Hanover, Abu Dhabi, ... according to Festival organisers, Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. ...

Jason Marks California music Management.

 Los Angeles Based Talent Management

  Talent Management Company .

Parallel 34 Music Management Los Angeles, California

Red Light Management Is an artist management company.  Red Light Management Charlottesville, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles ..

Dave Matthews Band The Decemberists  Alicia Keys

Sanctuary Artist Management

2010 Sanctuary Artist Management.

Starry Eyed Music Artist Management

Starry Eyed Music is a collective of some of the best House and Electronic Music DJs in San Diego. Facebook/starryeyedMusic

Three Artist Management

3 Artist Management is a full service artist, producer, and composer management company owned by Richard Bishop and based in Los Angeles.

Third World Music Group of Northern California Third World Music Group specializes in artist management & immigration based out of Northern California.

Zeitgeist Artist Management Based in San Francisco, and New york

Indio, CA / Coachella Music Festival Santa Cruz, CA Rio Theatre ...

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