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Doing promotion into magazines is an other way to promote your new demo, or your own music. Nothing to loose when promoting your music through magazines . Why not! Contacting an magazine is easy.

Most of these magazines have their own website, where you or anyone else, can subscribe to . There are some who ask a fee and some others are for free.

Basically, there are three kinds of magazines that can be useful too you. Let's take a look..

The band-artist promotion magazines!

These magazines, online and of line, are targeting the music business people and trying to help unsigned bands and artist.

The music business people should be the guy's who read these magazines to see if there are bands or artists who's fit their style of music.Of course , no one has ever been signed without hearing the music CD first.

But this can be the next step. When you have an ad in one of the music magazines with your URL, then they can go to your website and listen to some samples of your songs.

On the other hand,publishers and A&R (artist& repertoire) executives are receiving already so many demo's with the mail. Why bothering to go to a website and listen to a sample if they have so many( demo CD's) waiting at home?

The on-line or the of-line?

The future shall learn what the best way is.

Although, I see one advantage for you and that's when they reading an article about you or your band .

Next time , when they find your package in the mail. They might treat it with more attention than the other packages. Of course, this is a speculative thought, but sounding reasonable and you never know. Do you?

On the internet there are lot's and lot's of web site's that are promoting music, signed and unsigned. It's up to you to find the right magazine that's fits with your music.

 Music Magazines for fans!

They are selling with millions..and millions... in the past.. Today the sales are lower.... The Internet and social media...perhaps they are guylty...It's a development, we will wait and see if things are rolling in our advantage...

But still.. There are some newspaper on the market ...that you could feel with your hands....

We all have read them in our younger day's or you still reading them. The most famous of them will only include the stars or the near stars.

So, for you the newbie, it will be very hard to convince these good people to write an article about you or about your band. But don't bother 'bout them. There are enough magazines and I'm sure some where there will be one that allow you to get exposure.

I shall give here a few links to pages with links to the magazines.

And, before sending them your package,contact them by phone and try to find out what they're looking for and if your band or yourself can get some reviews or publicity in their magazine.

If you are included into a compilation album, then this should be a good reason to get the attention of the music magazines. Getting included into a compilation album isn't really that hard to achieve.

And, as you maybe have noticed, some promotion's can work together.

Family and other entertainment magazines

The other magazines(than the music once)have some times a section or a page devote to (future) music talent.

It's up to you to find them, contact them and try to convince them why it would be great for their readers to read an article about your music.

Fingers crossed that you've got their attention and yoy need a little bit of luck too. But if you do your best and try hard enough, you will get noticed.

Will it all be worth it?

Of course it will! Every promotion and publicity for your music is a step in the right direction. And I mean...Up and UP again..

No doubt about that. Without promotion you nor your band will go nowhere!

And yes. Stay with us! The next promotion is the most important one.

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