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Hi, and welcome to the "music link exchange" page. Nowadays, fooling the search engines is becoming almost impossible. While some SEO-specialists still declare to have found the magical stone that will bring rich and fortune to the poor souls who are willing to believe them.

However, there is one rule that you got to remember when starting a website business, and that's building quality and relevant information. With other words good quality information in any form and this can also mean images and video. Technology never stand still.

And what about linking strategies!! Well.. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, demand quality info. And if people and webmasters are linking to your site, this means that your site is worthwhile to link to. Thats exactly how search engines define what are quality sites and what aren't.

The many good quality in-pointing links your site get , the more credibility your site will have with the Search Engines and their eight legged robots who are crawling around in cyber space like crazy. It's an exciting world, and a huge world. An enormous network of linking sites , exceeding every barrier and frontier on our planet.

Enough sentimental talk, now the serious talk .

Music link exchange and  'Hit 'popularity?

Hit' popularity is the amount of in-pointing links your site got. But...many in-pointing links doesn't means necessarily that your site will have a high page-ranking.

This will more depending of the quality of those( in-bound) links, and also the amount of links that goes out of your site. If you have 100 in-pointing links of poor quality, and a 1000 or so out links, then you will rank low. Other way around and your site will rank high, theoretically of course.

Bottom line! Reciprocates links are not the most important issue for your link popularity. More important is relevant quality content.

So where do we start. We always start at the beginning.

First this means your site have to deliver quality info , with great content,fantastic images , or nice video material. All the info has the be theme related , even the displaying videos on your web site must be content binded.

What the content concerns, here you can find some great writing tips .

The more quality your site has ( in any form ), the more web sites will do a music link exchange with your site.

How can you track sites that are linking to your site?

Easy, go to Yahoo,google or MSN and type in the "your domain name"..

As an exsample:




Remember, google is hardest to convince when it's about showing in-pointing links. They know very well that some sites are linking to yours , but.. they have an attitude of 'see nothing' .

Why Google is acting like this is a mystery. Don't loose your sleep for it, it's just the way it is.

Another source where you find out all about your link popularity and search engine saturation, is Acxion Digital: Your SEO Tool. Visit this site and you'll understand why this tool is a great help to evaluate your site. To see how your site is growing or how it stands to other competing websites.

So a good tip. Know your competition .

We have mentioned the advantages of a music link exchange, but there are also some downsides of providing outgoing links in exchange for inbound links.

these are- If your visitor clicks on a link,you maybe lose your visitor to an other site and never see him/her back again.

- If you have goods to sell ( CD,s ...) links detract from your sales message. ('Buy My CD', for instants)

-If you have Google adsens on your site, people will click on the links and lesser on the adsens.

- Also, our visitor can be distracted by too many options.

I know, these are just a few contras and its often 'mind ones P's and q's' with link exchanges.

So.. try to get a music link exchange with high quality, relevant sites. Do it for yourself and your visitor to demonstrate your best intentions for her well-being. Never exchange links with an competitive-site or with an off topic, low quality site. Just decline politely.

If you reciprocate a link with a bad site, you are telling the search engines that you are putting your stamp of approval on that site. If that site happens to be a member of a link farm or some other spamm means to artificially elevate link popularity, you will harm your site and will be penalized.

Bottom line. Exchanging links with everybody who's dropping by is not a smart thing to do.

It only will damage your credibility, believe me. I too have learned out of mistakes. That's live folks.

About the other links, namely the inbounds sites. You have no control about them, and you can't do anything against it. Just let it be.

So, check-out every music link exchange request, and use your own personal evaluation of the quality and nature of the sites content. Some tips if you reciprocate links with an other site.

Nine link exchange tips!

Things  that you have to keep in mind when you go for an exchange of links..:

• 1  If a site contact you for a music link exchange, then -check if they have link-up your site. - Check the content and the nature of the site ( the link page. for instants.) -If they haven't add a link,after you agree with a music link exchange, check again after 3 day's or so. If your link isn't up, DELETE the link. Don't be to sentimental about it. They maybe contact you again. Explain in a polite way why you've deleted there link, and don't bother about them any more. Believe me, they are just a waste of(your) time.

• 2- Check-out if you reciprocate link is added to a link farm. If that's the case, You only can delete their link, and leave it that way.

• 3 Again Check if the site is non-competing. true. If your just starting out and you exchange links with an competing website , you loose your visitors to that site. maybe the site exist longer,is stronger and bigger than yours. Most of all , it's your competition. You like it or not, you loose if you do exchange with them.

• 4- Add your link with the(music) directories. They evaluate your site and if they are accepting to add your link,then your site get more credibility wit the SE. Go and find them. Don't reciprocate links with directories. After all, it's their job to share information. Good for you of course , the more inbound links your site get the better it is for your link popularity.

• 5- A few places where you can get a link are:dmoz ( Yahoo directory),,, Also try this/ Sitesell!Value exchange If your site has more than 20 pages.

• 6- Never pay for a search engine listing when they are promising to list your web site to thousands Search Engines. It's just a waste of money.

• 7- Never link-out from your Home page. Think about this.A visitor comes to your site through the home page clicks on a link, and gone he is. Never he will come back again . So never link away from your site from your home page. Your visitor has to see at least two pages before he can click out.

• 8- When you want to create a lot of inbound links, then think about starting an affiliate program.

• 9-Build up your site like a pyramid. In other words: First your home page, then 5 to 15 second tier pages and every second tier page links again to 5 to 15 third tier pages. The trick is to create some links inside your site. Links that simply refer to other content into your web site. In fact, here will your link popularity start.

Fraud and tricks link exchanges.

In other words: linking is a win win situation.. 


It  can  also turn your web presence (website) into a nightmare....

Reason enough to read the next few text lines ...

When you want to start a music link exchange ( what is in general a good move) then keep them in mind yhat not every person with a website is reliable...There are bad guy's..who which to get quick rich and destroy you and your website...( but they are so nice...)..

So, here a few things to look out when doing a music link exchange..

1. : Link partner sabotages: The link-bearing page by adding a tag to it.

2. Too many outgoing links on one page.. Then it could be a linkfarm..Thats a link exchange with no value for your site...

3. Link partner provides a fake link ..

4. Your link parther never link back. Check if there's a reciprocate link on the site. If not, don't hesitate to delete the link ...

5. Your music link exchange partner runs the link through a redirect on his own page before sending it to you. That's realy dirty linking.. .

6. You submit an "Add link" form, then you find there is a hidden cost. This can happen with some third degree directories. Speaking of a dirty business!

7. You get a link al right, but you discover that your music exchange link is buried somewhere ten clicks away from the home page. DELETE that link ASAP. It's useless for your site. A link always one click from the home page. With other words. A second tier link will be seen by the Search Engines, the rest is useless.

8. Make links page inaccessible via a click-path from home page. This is called an -Orphan Link, There's no access to the link page. Very badly regarded by search Engines. So, You get an email with the Link url, but if you visit your link-exchange partner's site, then you can't find your link..

9. Link partner frames the link-bearing page within a high-ranking site. It don't brings your site any benefits. Nasty, very nasty, and not always easy to find out. Here you have to go to your link partner's home page and then go to the link page or the page where your link should be found.. If not so.. There's something wrong.. link fraud for sure..

10. Some times link partners change their mind about an exchange with your site, and after a month. So you need to have a report with who you have  got an link exchange and when it took place.....and the page that you can find your reprocicate link and if they work ( or not)..

11. Don't give up on the internet too soon..One day or another every fraud will get punished.,and thats a good thing...Ban fraud...Don't let fraud win...

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