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Welcome to 'The Music industry' page. Our site is about providing advice and information for starting songwriters . Knowing that the music business is one of the hardest businesses in existence, then getting to know how it works is a must. So,we'll try to give you a view  on the most important  things that comes when you try to get your feet into that business.

What we say is this!  We'll explain about he music publishing, the A & R peole, the music producer, the music manager, and things that goes with them like the contracts,record deals, the music copyrights, music law....

Not only beginner songwriters, but many other music artists don't know the job that  music business people actually do. So on this page is to help you , songwriter, understand the music business better  by given you some background info concerning their job..

We'll start with the record labels...These businesses are running by the A &R people..

Music publishers or the music publishing companies are the people who signing a publishing deal with songwriters..

Then there are also the music producers, and the music managers..

Each one of these people can  help you breaking into the music industry..


When it comes to songwriting, there's one major thing to keep in mind: To be successfully into the music business you don't need to be a virtuosity musician (it can help though),or a golden voice. But for sure you need to  have  talent..for music and writing music..or songwriting..

The  music industry ane Artist & Repertoir executives!

Very important for artists, songwriters, are the A&R people. Those people ruling the music publishing and record label companies. Who are thse people and what is their  role in the industry ?

 Here on that page we will have a clother look at he A and R  , or the artist and repertoire people. In fact , they are the one that reviewing the music artists, bands artistic quality on stage performence. Also, they run and lead the independent record label.. and coach the  band or the artist that are signed to the label. In addition, the major record labels have thousands of A&R staff, and a large number of artist too, ofcourse. The most rich and famous are signed a contract with them. That's quit normal knowing that they running  a million Dollar music business.. Some artist are running their own companies..So, all the money stays with them.

If you wish to have more information about what they're job ..feel free to visit...The a and r peoples page...!

If you have the ambition about starting a Career in music industry, as A & R, or publishing, can be learned..Not easy, but some are not difficult to achieve..

Then read this page about 'starting your own record label?'

The Music Industry publisher

Sure that a record deal can be a hard goal to achieve , but an publishing contract can even be a harder task to overcome. Most publishers and music publishing companies are collecting the money from publishing rights and copy rights. If you sign a deal with a music publisher, he/she, will collect the royalties for you and pass them on to you.

Most of the deals are on a 50/50 % base. This is when you are the only writer and not co-writing.

Anyway, the music publisher will have his 50% of the deal or agreement. I advice never to go lower than 50%, with a Max of 40 but only when it's absolutely necessary. If it's a million dollar contract, then try to find a music lawyer to read the small letters. A contract can be quit complicated, so legal advice isn't a luxury before signing a publishing deal.

If you a do it your self, then read the music industry contract very carefully.

• Make sure that the contract state how much you will get ( in other words 50%)

• The length of the agreement ( 6 month to a 1 year)

• sometimes the writer gets part of the royalties in advance ( if the publisher thinks your music going to be hit material)

• An advance of the royalties by the publisher is always recouped. So, when your songs start to make money , you will not see nothing of it until the amount of your advance is paid back to the music publisher.

• Also possible (very likely)is that the contract state that the song(s) you wrote are original work ( that to prevent infringing of copyrights).

Many bands , songwriters....desperately trying to make it into the music business , are grabbing every opportunity that's being offered to get signed.

The Music producer

An other important  in music industry is the  "music producer".

This is the man who will take action after you have been signed by the previous ( A&R and Publisher) people, and go on the recording of a new album. The producer's job is to create, shape and mould your songs in accordance with their vision for the album. The music producer could be compared to let's say a film director. He too has to create,shape the songs and music and make sure the album of the music artist will be as good as perfect. All must be perfect.


Of all the careers in music industry, the producers job is the most complicated one,and you need to have a very good  ear for music. One thing thought..A qualified music producer cost money..

The music manager

Also one of the careers in music industry that can be done by yourself, or one of the band the band or artist manager. He will handle all your business issues.. The Gigs, contracts....of the band and performing singer songwriters.

Like the name says, he will manage your business, so that you and the other band-members can focus on their career, and have more time for important things like writing songs or rehearsal. More about the music manager. When you wanna make it into the music business,then a manager is the person that can bring you there.. One thing you need to do..

Entertainment Lawyer

No matter what deal you sign a publishing deal or record deal, when it comes to a lot of money.. Then you need to consider to take professional help from a entertainment lawyer to read the contract that you so desperately want  to signed. A very underastimate meaning of the music business.

Commercial music

Money is not allways a motivation , but it can help. Because the music business people love money. You are a artist, but they running a business.

The publisher, the A and R people, the manager or the producer,   they are a charity organisattion. They only survive only on the success of the music they'll sign. This is what makes them an income and let them continue to run their business. So, they believe that the material of the artist who has been offered a contract, most certainly will be a winner. With other words, what they are looking for is music with financial potential: So,read here a bit more about commercial music

The Copyright of  your Music ..

Before starting to promote your music to the music industry,and sending submissions to the careers in music industry, you need to copyright your music first

• What are copyrights and performing rights?

• what about your royalties?

• How to protect your music from theft?

• Also some information concerning are these songwriters associations. Who collect the royalties (earnings) on behalf of the songwriter: ascap, BMI, MCPS-PRS

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